Charlene poses with her children in a Christmas card from Monaco

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Charlene Poses With Her Children
Charlene poses with her children

Charlene de Monaco returned to public life after a year-long hiatus due to an ear, nose, and throat ailment by posing for the annual Christmas portrait with which the principality traditionally sends its best holiday wishes. The princess was noticeably missing last year. Having caught an illness in her native South Africa, she was confined to a clinic for the duration of her stay. The former swimmer, now 43, has been getting back into the swing of things during the past several months. This newfound confidence is reflected in her stance.

Palacio has posted the photo to her Instagram page. She smiles for the camera with a beaming Prince Albert and his two ecstatic children, Jacques and Gabriella. She is dressed in a black V-neck sleeveless dress. He’s dressed in a blue suit. Both Jack, her son, and Gabriella, her daughter, wear black suits with white shirts and gold jewellery. There’s a fireplace mantel and Christmas tree in the backdrop. A festive greeting to her fans is included at the conclusion.

Monaco Royal Twins Pose Under Palace Tree In Christmas Card
Because of Charlenne’s absence, the family had to come up with an alternative Christmas tradition last year. I wish you everyone a joyful and safe Christmas season with all my love,” the princess said in a short video greeting sent by the royal family. She first surfaced in public again in April of last year, after disappearing for a total of fifteen months. She is still “weary,” as Alberto de Monaco acknowledged in an interview with Nice-Matin last November. Despite the fact that “her health has improved and she can be present at numerous occasions,” she “needs to give her time” to resume her official tasks in full. “You have to give her time to calm herself and take on other obligations, but she will,” she said, adding that her daughter still experiences fatigue.

Princess Charlene And Prince Albert Of Monaco Release Official Christmas  Card Series But Royal Twins Steal The Show -

Monaco places a high value on the Christmas holiday. The palace welcomed visitors on December 14 to celebrate the holidays in a style befitting a movie set. There are penguins, reindeer, and seals among the arctic scene decorations in the main courtyard. Toys were distributed by the royal family to kids aged 5 to 12.

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