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Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is an inventor and the world’s most generous philanthropist. Bill Gates was the richest man in the world till 2017 but in 2017 he has been overtaken by Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world, the owner of, whose net worth is $ 112 billion in North America, and Bill Gates $ 90 billion. His full name is William Henry Gates III. Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington.

Bill Gates, 67, and his wife Melinda, 49, were married in 1994. They have 3 children, 2 daughters, and 1 son.

He founded the Microsoft company, which is one of the most successful technology companies in the world. He does very generous humanitarian work through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is the biggest philanthropist and generous person in the whole world, he has donated $ 28 billion out of his total wealth ie $ 80 billion. Which is the biggest donation ever in the world. According to the 2011 report, Gates will give only $ 10 million of his net worth to each member of the family, the rest he will donate to charity. But there are many things about Gates that you probably didn’t know.

When he was a teenager at Lakeside Prep School, Gates wrote his first computer program on a General Electric computer. It was a version of Tic-Tac-Toe, where you could play against the machine.

Bill Gates wanted to become a millionaire by the age of 30. However, he became a billionaire at 31.

Bill Gates was arrested in New Mexico in 1977 for jumping a red light and driving without a license.

His favorite business book of all time is Business Adventures by John Brooks of New Yorkers, published in 1969.

Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs, all of them had no college degrees. In 2007, Gates received an honorary degree from Harvard 2007.

Gates earns an average of $250 per second, $15,000 per minute, and about $20 million a day. Despite his vast wealth, Gates says his children will only inherit $10 million – only a fraction of his $81.1 billion net worth. “Leaving massive wealth to children is of no grace to them,” he says.

Bill Gates says that he reads 50 books per year. “Reading is still the main way I learn new things and test my understanding,” he says.

His Amazing Home and Car:  Bill Gates’s home is built on a hill in King County, overlooking Medina Lake Washington. The house is worth USD 120 million according to the county’s 2012 tax records. Bill Gates’ medina house is so big and so famous. The features of Gates’ house are as follows. The house has 24 bathrooms. There are only 7 bedrooms in the house – meaning the residence has more than three bathrooms per bedroom. Apart from this, his house has a cinema hall for 20 people and 60 feet swimming pool which also has a music system.
It took seven years to build the house.

When a guest arrives, they are given a PIN that contacts sensors in each room of the house. Depending on your needs, the temperature, music, and lighting in the house will change, wherever it may be. Each room comes with its own touchpad to control the room’s environment.

In 1994, Bill Gates bought Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Hammer for over $30 million. Three years later he distributed the digital version of the codex as wallpapers, screensavers, and a comprehensive CD. As of 2007, Bill Gates has donated more than $28 billion to charity and is expected to donate 95% of his surplus wealth. made a plan

Talking about the collection of cars, he is known as a Porsche collector. He owns a 1988 Porsche 959 Coupe, a Porsche 911, and a Carrera Porsche 930. Apart from this, Gates has been seen driving a Mercedes S Class and a BMW 7 Series.

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