Camila Cabello wants to hang out in a bikini on Miami Beach, but the paparazzi won’t let her live

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A good beach day ruined:

We are talking about Camila Cabello, who was photographed on a beach day at her home in Miami.

Photographers caught the former Fifth Harmony member in an animal-print bikini last week at a beach club she frequents, and let’s just say the photos that later spread online were unfiltered.

Cabello, who has been candid about her struggles to stay slim and fit, took to social media to criticize photographers who harassed her.

In the lengthy message, the 25-year-old writes that she was well aware of the local paparazzi, and that their presence made her feel uncomfortable and physically tense.

“Every time I go to this beach club in Miami, they photograph me,” the message begins. (It’s not clear what property he’s referring to, but even if we knew, we wouldn’t say.)

“I feel very vulnerable and unprepared: I am wearing bikinis that are too small and I have not paid attention to how I look, then I saw the photos on the internet and the comments and I felt very upset,” Cabello wrote.

Knowing there was going to be “basically an entire photo shoot,” the “Havana” singer told her fans that she got ready in a new swimsuit and barely ate.

Despite all the best-laid plans, Cabello admitted she’s “never had a worse time” in a place that used to be fun for her as a child and, more recently, with her ex Shawn Mendes.

“I had my abs so tight that I wasn’t breathing and I was barely smiling and I was so aware of where the paparazzi were all the time that I couldn’t let go and relax and do what we’re supposed to do when we’re out in nature,” Cabello complained.

The Cuban is working to feel more secure and love herself, but in the meantime, she continues to worry and it’s difficult.

“I’m still not at the point in my journey where I give a f…..,” the message concluded.

Intellectually, I know that how I look doesn’t determine how healthy, happy, or sexy I am. Emotionally, the message I get from our world is so strong in my own head. Ironically, all the therapy and hard work is to try to get back to feeling like a seven-year-old girl on the beach… I’m in mourning today.”

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