Cameron Diaz Has Resigned From Acting After Jamie Foxx’s On-Set Breakdown

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz announced her retirement from acting after completing a Netflix project with Jamie Foxx, citing gruelling workdays away from her family.

Cameron Diaz, the legendary Hollywood actress, is allegedly retiring from acting after the completion of her upcoming Netflix film “Back in Action,” in which she co-stars with Jamie Foxx.

Diaz, who turns 50 this year, wants to concentrate on her position as a mother to Raddix, her 3-year-old daughter, and her wine brand, Avaline, which she plans to launch in 2020.

According to a source close to Diaz, the actress has struggled with the arduous 10-hour workdays on set, and she dislikes being away from her family.

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Despite the fact that Diaz’s husband, Benji Madden, supports her acting profession, it has taken a toll on him as well. Diaz had previously resigned from acting in 2018, a year before Raddix was born, but she stunned fans by returning for “Back in Action.”

Seth Gordon’s next action-comedy film experienced some production turmoil, with Foxx apparently throwing a tantrum on set and dismissing many crew members.

Cameron Diaz reportedly quitting acting again after Jamie Foxx on set  meltdown - YouTube

A source close to Diaz, on the other hand, indicated that her choice to retire again has nothing to do with the event and that she and Foxx remain close.

Diaz, according to the insider, dislikes the drama and controversy that comes with working in Hollywood and believes she has nothing left to prove in the industry.

Cameron Diaz is reportedly quitting acting after Jamie Foxx set Meltdown -  Local News Today

Shooting for “Back in Action” took place in the United Kingdom from December 2022 to March 2023, with more filming planned in Georgia.

Diaz and Foxx have known each other for many years and previously collaborated on the films “Any Given Sunday” (1999) and “Annie” (2000). (2014). Diaz’s final film before retiring in 2018 was the latter.

Jamie Foxx's on set 'meltdown' throws Cameron Diaz's acting comeback into  'chaos' |

Diaz has voiced her respect for Foxx, characterising him as easygoing, professional, and talented, and she has pondered on the irony of reprising her role in a film with him after retiring after their collaboration in “Annie.”

Diaz stated that returning to acting after a hiatus has been difficult, but the experience is different this time.

BBC One - The Graham Norton Show, Series 16, Episode 12, Jamie Foxx,  Cameron Diaz, and Usher Attempt Cockney Accents

Diaz’s wine company, Avaline, has expanded rapidly despite her retirement from acting, and she is incredibly proud of it. Diaz was heavily involved in its development and intends to devote more time to it in the future.

Finally, considering her love for her family and her developing commitment to her wine brand, Diaz’s choice to retire from acting after “Back in Action” is not surprising.

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