BTS’s Jungkook collaborates with IU for the first time and drives the ARMY insane with this VIDEO

Jungkook 2
Jungkook 2

Because he has been a fan of the singer for many years, the youngest member has been able to get close to her.

Jungkook from BTS is said to have a crush on soloist IU, a well-known Korean singer capable of filling stadiums on her own. The idol has worked with members Suga and J-Hope, and she has even performed “with” the Golden Maknae.


Jungkook is a big fan of these tv shows

The young woman has one of the most renowned overcoming tales in K-Pop, in that she was scammed up to 20 times in her pursuit for fame, but she eventually fulfilled her ambition and is now one of the most listened to soloists in K-Pop. Jungkook of BTS previously described her as his ideal type of girl.

Last year, the singer used his free time to attend two IU performances in Seoul, and because he is a fan of hers, some ARMYs caught him buying his own lightstick to show his support.


Jungkook collaborates with IU for the first time.

So far, IU has only worked with Suga, with whom she may release another song shortly as part of the rapper’s solo efforts. J-Hope, for his part, has appeared on his talk program, and while Jungkook is a fan, they haven’t gotten close.

They did, however, have the opportunity to meet at an awards event, and fans shocked them by singing together, as Jungkook and IU were sitting opposite each other as both sang “Some” by the duo Bolbbalgan4.

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And, despite the fact that they were not conversing, some have set themselves the goal of combining their voices in a so-called “mashup,” because they had covered the same tunes.

Furthermore, Koreans chose them as the most famous soloists in Korea because they are the most listened to individually.

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