BTS: What happened at Jungkook’s live? These are the best moments


Once again, Jungkook reunited with ARMY digitally as BTS‘s maknae did a new live on Weverse to hang out

Jungkook took the time to spend some time with ARMY through weverse, the BTS idol did a live in which he shared new things with his fans, what were his best moments?


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Thanks to the internet, we can feel more connected to our favorite idols and K-Pop groups. With BTS it is not the exception since these idols from the beginning had great interaction with their fans through Twitter. Then they used more Weverse or VLive, which are specific K-Pop social networks .

Now there is only Weverse and most of the members are also on Instagram. Except for Jeon Jungkook who recently decided to close his account on this social network. Still, Bangtan Sonyeondan ‘s maknae has taken the time to share his day with ARMY.




Jungkook has been inundating us with live streams on Weverse recently, he takes time out of his day to connect for a while and talk to his fans about anything and everything. He has revealed a lot of himself in these new lives that he has done very frequently.

During this early morning, JK was back live on Weverse, what were the best moments of your live ? Here we have some of the most outstanding parts of the transmission of the idol of BTS


Jungkook is a big fan of these tv shows


The best live moments that BTS’s Jungkook did on Weverse

  • Calvin Klein

Jungkook took advantage of his live to talk about his most recent collaboration with a fashion brand, the BTS maknae will be the star in the next Calvin Klein campaign and he talked about it.

“Oh and the Calvin Klein video must have come out. Really…. If you really look at my underwear I only have Calvin Klein”

  • Suchwita

JK was watching Suga’s Suchwita show, Bangtan’s maknae said he hadn’t watched the episode and then he realized that Jimin, a guest on Suga’s show, was talking about BTS’s dumpling incident.

  • Set Me Free Pt. 2

In the live, Jungkook also talked about Jimin’s song ‘Set Me Fre Pt. 2’, mentioned what his favorite part was and also danced a bit to the track.

  •  Jin

Jungkook quickly mentioned Jin in his live, he just said that Jin hyung was getting healthier than him, but he didn’t delve into it further. Maybe in the army he’s leading a very healthy life.

  •  The farewell

Well, Jungkook finished the live but it’s not a farewell forever, we know that the BTS idol will soon do a live again to meet his fans.


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