K-Pop Band Releases First Anthology Album To Celebrate Nine Years In The Industry

Bts Albums
BTS Albums

The boys of BTS have become the inspiration of millions of young people around the world. His lyrics not only reflect stories of love and heartbreak. They are also about hope, loving oneself, and finding the light in the darkest moments.

South Koreans are clear that it is essential to place all our trust in the youngest, helping them to face the problems that torment them to build a future full of illusions and fulfilled objectives. All these lyrics now come to Proof, their first anthology album with which they have celebrated their nine years in the industry.

This new project comes with 48 songs, 45 of them being many of those that have starred in their successes and that are included in their previous projects. But the remaining three are unreleased songs that they wanted to share with their followers to delight them with new stories.

One of them is Yet To Come, a beautiful pop song that talks about the promising future that awaits them. And it is that despite having lived multiple adventures during all these years, they assure us that the best is yet to come.

It is not the only one that has seen the light for the first time with the premiere is Run BTS. On this occasion, they have opted for a fusion of pop and hip hop sounds whose lyrics speak of how unstoppable they are. And they are right! They have shown on more than one occasion that they turn everything they publish into gold.

The other theme is For Youth, which, as we mentioned in previous lines, gives relevance to youth. They address their fans to make it clear that they will always be with them and that they are their engine of life and inspiration.

The songs that are part of this project have marked a before and after in his career. They have given meaning to her and have starred in many of her joys, as well as those of her followers. Our protagonists are experts in delving into multiple topics, many of them even deal with the concerns that we find in our day to day. And if they don’t do it in their songs, they take care to do it outside of them, as they have already shown in their speeches at the UN Assemblies or in the White House itself.

And you, have you already heard Proof?

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Written by Rachita Salian


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