BTS: Movies recommended by V that every ARMY should see


BTS‘s Taehyung has recommended many movies for ARMY that are worth watching at least once

What are V’s favorite movies? This BTS member is a movie fan and has recommended great movies for his fans.

BTS is a very popular K-Pop group with really talented members, among them we can find Kim Taehyung who has served as a vocalist and dancer for his idol group. The voice of this artist is truly great and has given a special touch to each track of his group.


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We know that Taehyung enjoys music a lot since in fact he not only limits himself to singing in Bangtan Sonyeondan songs , but he has also released some covers, OSTs and others where he shows us more of his skills. This idol also plays instruments like the saxophone and is interested in other arts as well.

V really likes photography and even has an alias when it comes to sharing some of his work as a photographer With the taste for photography, also comes the taste for videography and it is evident that this member of the Bangtan Boys also tends to enjoy movies a lot .

This is why Taehyung has given great movie recommendations for ARMY, what movies does this BTS idol like ? Here we have some of V’s favorite film productions.


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7 Movies That BTS’s Taehyung Has Recommended For ARMY

  • The Legend of 1900 (1998)

In this film we learn the story of a baby who was abandoned on an ocean liner, what no one knew is that he would develop into an excellent musical prodigy who would later show his talents always sailing in the sea.



‘The Legend Of 1900’ is one of V’s favorite movies that he has recommended for his fans.

  •  Crows Zero (2007)

This is a Japanese film in which we follow the story of a boy whose father is the head of the mafia called Yakuza, he will try to show his father that he is ready to take over the family business and for this he will take one of the men’s institutes with more criminals.


Taehyung has enjoyed ‘Crows Zero’ and therefore recommends this movie to his fans.

  • You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

Here we have a Chinese movie that is about a couple of boys who study in high school, they help each other both in the school environment and in their personal life which leads them to fall in love, but their romance may not be easy for any of them. both.



Tae ha recomendado ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’ para ti.

  • Midnigh In Paris (2011)

This is an already classic film that deals with a novelist who cannot finish one of his works, in search of inspiration he travels to Paris with his wife and two friends. One night, he walks drunk through the streets of the place, then he will find a car from the 20’s era that will take him on a new adventure.



BTS’s V really enjoyed watching ‘Midnight In Paris ‘.

  • About Time (2013)

This is a film in which we meet a man who has the ability to travel through time, he almost always uses his power to help his friends and family but one day he decides to use it to improve his love life. Thus he manages to meet the woman of her dreams but every time he tries to return to her, something else will change in her timeline.



Taehyung has recommended ‘About Time’ to his fans.

  •  The United States vs. Billie Holiday

 In this production we learn about the life and work of Billy Holiday, a singer who was one of the first people to speak about human rights and freedom in his music. She’s been through a lot in her personal life as well as in her music career and you’ll find out in this film.



Once, through Weverse, V recommended ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday’ .

  • Oseam (2003)

This is a Korean animated film that is about a fairy tale about a boy and his sister who is blind. They are welcomed in a temple on Mount Seorak where they will live some adventures.



 V revealed that ‘Oseam’ was his favorite movie growing up.

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