Thoughtful but very attractive Disha Patani enchants her fans on social media

Disha Patani, who arrived at the screening of Heropanti 2, has suddenly come into the the focus of attention. Her look at this event was sumptuous and she had a small purse in her hand, knowing the price of which can cloud your senses.

Thoughtful but very attractive Disha Patani enchants her fans on social media

Mumbai: This is a clear example that Disha Patani even when she does not want to be attractive or the center of attention achieves it by updating her Instagram with new images where she looks very thoughtful and tranquil unlike what she is used to uploading, even so for her fans she is still attractive.

When Disha came out with a precious pouch

In fact, on Thursday night, the screening of Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s film Heropanti 2 was held in which when Tiger’s rumored girlfriend Disha Patani arrived, all eyes were on her. Disha Patani reached this special event wearing a purple color mini dress in which she looked very glamorous and stylish. She enhanced her look with a curly hairstyle, matching earrings, and high heels. Her short, little cute pouch caught everyone’s attention as soon as she took her eyes off her look.

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This very precious pouch is now in a lot of headlines and the style of this beauty. Even though this purse is precious, if you know its value, then you can get a big shock. Actually, the price of this small purse is so much that you can easily buy a 2-ton AC in it. According to media reports, this purse is of about 46 thousand rupees. At the same time, ever since the price of this small purse has gone viral, everyone is showing interest in knowing its specialty.

🦄, were the mysterious Emoji written by Disha Patani accompanied by 2 posts were done one with 3 images and 1 post with just one image which was center focused

A flirty outfit such as a lavender color dress with some images of the photoshoot.

Her fans are commenting very well on these pictures of Disha. Let us tell you whatever post-Disha Patani does on Instagram. She becomes viral very fast and a lot of likes and comments also come on it and her fans shower a lot of love on her.

Disha Patani shared two famous Instagram photographs a few days ago, one in a bikini and the other in a pair of sheer flared pants that defined her so much. Both photos were shared on the same day and were both widely shared on social media. The fact that Disha Patani’s new presentation has received enthusiastic support from her admirers demonstrates that they are not only invested in her hot material.

All we can say is that her performance in Baaghi 2 has at most gotten better and better with each passing film. White pearls dangle from the neckline of her translucent pink see-through bikini, which the 29-year-old chose to dress it up even further. The mesh bikini top was put over the top of this sexy outfit.


The diva exposed her toned Waist area in a sensual manner. You could certainly get away with wearing standard bikini sets to your beach party, but why is your style any different from the rest of the tourists and partygoers?

Ditch all things sexy and opt of flared bottoms. This embellished number also had a mini skirt seated on it in a floral pattern that created an overlap design as well.

The easiest way to know that Disha Patani has been growing in the networks is to see the increase in her followers, it has only been a little over a month since she reached 50 million and with weeks she reached 50.4 and now she has exceeded 51 million of fans only on Instagram, since if those of other networks are counted, it would be a large number of people who are always attentive to what she does.

Disha manages to incorporate a sporty sense into her look, thus glittering shoes made an appearance in this beautiful scenario. She wore a silver chain with a butterfly pendant, rings, bracelets, and earrings to get a heavily accessorised cute look. Her eyelids, too, had a beautiful appearance to them, with a mix of purple and pink. Fabulous is the only word that comes to mind when we think of those curls.

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