Made me feel comfortable | Dhanush Names His Favorite Bollywood Co-Star, Declares’she Will Always Be Special’

Dhanush, who is awaiting the release of his upcoming film ‘Atrangi Re,’ recently went on a talk programme to promote the film.


Dhanush, who is awaiting the release of his next film Atrangi Re, recently went on a chat programme to promote the film. During his presence, the actor, who has already appeared in a few Bollywood films, chose his favourite co-star without hesitation.

Dhanush previously collaborated with filmmaker Aanand.L.Rai on 2013’s greatest success Raanjhanaa and has reteamed with him for Atrangi Re. Apart from the vocalist of ‘Kolaveri D,’ the film also stars Akshay Kumar and Sara Ali Khan. Dhanush was asked to choose between Sonam Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan as part of the promotional event.
Dhanush chooses his favourite Bollywood co-star


Dhanush previously collaborated with Sonam on the film Raanjhanaa. The actor was eager to choose Sonam, explaining that she would always have a particular place in his heart as his first co-star in Bollywood. “I’m not taking away Sara’s generosity, sweetness, and joy on the sets of Atrangi Re, Sonam; she was extremely special; she was my first co-star in Hindi films and a guy from the south who came here, and she made me feel very comfortable and kind to me.” “I am quite appreciative of that,” he stated. Sara immediately responded, “Wow, that’s not insulting at all.” I’m losing track of my hamper, I’m losing track of…”

Atrangi Re is a strange love tale about Rinku (Sara), who is in love with Sajjad (Akshay Kumar) but is compelled to marry Dhanush’s Vishnu. The film’s extraordinary score, composed by AR Rahman, has already won over the audience, who are eagerly awaiting the musical drama’s premiere later this week.

Dhanush’s first Hindi film in over six years, Atrangi Re, and the actor has underlined how important a strong narrative is for him to perform in any film. According to PTI, he stated, “I want to be a part of wonderful, beautiful stories in the same way that ‘Atrangi Re’ is an engaging film.” To make a film, a number of things must come together and everything must fall into place. I hope that with this picture, I am able to live up to the expectations of my admirers in this country.” He said that one of the primary reasons he returned to Hindi cinema with this film was to work with Aanand L Rai, who is also a close friend.

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