83 movie user review on IMDB Seems not in sync with the Box Office Numbers Does Ranveer Singh need to be worried

Find all the user reviews of cricket lovers who seems to have hated the movie and the caricaturish approach to their legends and their performance

83 User Reviews Imdb

1/10 We all know what to expect with a cash grab biopic. Cliches aft cliches n tons of melodrama. The lead character with a fake wig on his head looks more like a clown.

 Because the expectations of the biopic are so narrow and heavily commodified, the actors involved don’t really get a chance to be actors. They have to be impersonators.

Ranveer Singh doesn’t even look like an impersonator.

He doesn’t look like Kapil Dev at all. He looks like a clown.

The movie looks more like a parody.
User: Fella_shibby


he’s so dramatic just like his other movies…this movie is so unrealistic….bgm is very bad…raveer looks are too bad…and cheepika is worst…not at all worth watching… he acted in this film only to prove he can act better than sushant..and trying to compete with him because his Ms dhoni movie was the best biopic movie made…sorry ranveer you didn’t even come closer to acting compared to sushant.
User: jakegylly

 1/10Bollywood is surviving only on remakes, patriotism and biopic. geez

I really wanted to give this movie 10 stars because it’s Ranveer Singh. Chocolate boy of India. Every ugly men in India’s dream to be this handsome. Every worthless people who like his acting and movies. But.. The movie was garbage so here comes the flying chappal for one star.

 1/10 Seriously what was that???


Problem is kabir Khan is below average director, if he got good script then he could make good movie , which actually directed by his assistant directors not him.

But we all knew he was not able to make good sports movie, and here we got this, movie Full of trash director.


 1/10 Don’t waste your time on overacting clown

Ranveer Bhavnani (real name) is an overrated actor.. don’t waste time. Pathetic overacting ki dukaan. Maha vahiyaat and over glamorised movie. Kuch lene jaisa nahi hein . Boycott Bullydawood and educate your kids on science.

 1/10 Another dumb product of Bollywood

What a waste of opportunity. Overacting of Ranvir is easily noticeable. Wonder why Deepika was in the movie. Talented player like Gavaskar was highlighted at all. Big zero.

 1/10 Worthless

 Not everyone can be Sushant Singh Rajput in bringing out a character perfectly in a biopic. Ranveer Singh is the king of overacting. And that’s what it reflected in this movie as well.

Nothing that can surprise you. Waste of time and money. Better watch Pushpa!/ instead!


1/10 Nothing great as hyped, 83 big letdown

I got dumped by Media people who reviewed this at media special screening and booked the ticket for this show,but it was the biggest let down for me and Indian players doing comedy like Rajapl Yadav including Ranveer Singh, Masala Typo hyped movie …in movie people behave like India never won any big events at International level before 83 , let them know that India have 4 Olympic Gold Medal at International level and Dhyanchand was the Hero at that Time even Hitler got Impressed by him and bought ticket just to watch Major Dhyanchand game .so it’s a one time watch nothing great..not a theatre watch , an ott type movie..

1/10 Parody of the Legendary Event


Same old concept. I would watch a documentary instead that would give me the actual feel of his it was in 1983. This! A definite No.

Sorry but as a cricket fan Ranveer was unable sell Himself as Kapil Sir.

Music was ok Direction was good but i have seen better work from Kabir Khan Some of the actor was good, rest of them are Goofy including Ranveer. And for Deepika dont get me started.


1/10 Terrible! Was this made as a joke?

The main actor doesn’t resemble who is he meant to be playing, that wig is distracting. It’s clown hair at best. The film doesn’t flow, nor does it hold my interest. The acting is mediocre and there was no atmosphere or emotion. Even if you like cricket, it’s clichéd and dull. Don’t waste your money and especially your time!

 1/10 Overhyped. Too much drama.

It feels strongly that justice has not been done to the achievement.

I wish Kabir Khan focused more on realism, film making rather than religion based politics… Could have done such a better job with this.


 1/10 Is this a joke?

Overacting! Too bad the director couldn’t find a sane and better actor for Kapil’s role. Stop making movies if you can’t make a decent one. Stay away.

 1/10 Disappointed

Whole movie is full of melodrama. I agree that at ending it works but the whole movie is full of melodrama. Kabir Khan direction is below average. This melodrama would have worked 10-15 years ago but not now. Also I don’t understand these critics who are giving 4-5 stars to this cringe melodrama movie. 83 world cup is our pride but this movie has completely disappointed me.

 1/10 Too much Drama and unnecessary emotions

They have effectively and efficiently showed us a movie which shows tons of drama, emotion and unnecessary long scene but no cricket. Totally killed the spirit or enthusiasm of cricket.

If you really a die-hard fan of Ranveer then Pls watch it for drama but don’t expect cricket.


 1/10 Poor show

Kabir khan should stick to salmon with his trashy storyline. What a wasted opportunity. I feel bad for Kapil dev. He deserved better portrayal.

Ranveer Singh and deepika are way too overrated.


 1/10 Worst movie from Bollywood Again

Poorly written , no acting , no direction just waste of money and nothing else ! DONT WASYE YIUR TIME & MONEY !! Bollywood has lost its charm , watch South movies for newness abd brilliant work

 1/10 Disgusting and overhyped

This movie is disgusting in the name of 83 world cup. CGI and visual are disgusting and this movie is overhyped. Save your precious time and money in the name of this pathetic movie.

 1/10 Overdramatic and dull movie

Below avarage biopic without any story and screenplay show much faltu ka patryotism not needed this and overdramtic and melodrama also ruin this biopic ranveer is not even close 5 percent of kapil sir all other starcast good overall very avarage movie.

 1/10 Money waste

Really bored movie. I’m too much excited for this movie .really enjoyed ms dhoni biopic . Because genius director neeraj pandey.kabir khan worst director.weak screenplay.

 1/10 Insult to Legend

Its an insult made by non actors, hamming experts, to THE Legends of 83 World Cup. Kabir khan cant make movies without showing his love for pak. Seems to be more like a mimicry of Legends.


 1/10 This movie is an insult to the Historic movement

Movie is Overly dramatic and looks like Ranveer has forgotten the minimum tht he knew about acting, the movie doesn’t catch any attention or doesn’t give to real feel of a legendary Cricketers life like Kapil Dev, Ranveer doesn’t match in any way with Kapil Dev !!

Movie leaves you completely Bored!!

Totally worthless and a complete waste of time.





Worst movie of the year.



1/10Don’t waste your money on this rubbish

Don’t waste your precious time watching this garbage. Bollywood is collapsing and you need to wake up and stop making these so called entertainers rich.


1/10 Disgrace to Kapil Dev

 What an utter waste movie.

Ranveer Singh fits better in doing clueless films with no storyline, wearing ugly funny clothes dancing around like a monkey.

He cannot, and didnt do even 1% justice to the legend we know as Kapil Dev.

Its a shame.
Sushant Singh Rajput did represent Dhoni way much better. Honestly Ranveers acting is so bad that its not even on the same platform to compare with other cricket biopics.

Request to bollywood, please stop these mellodramatic nonsense by worthless so called stars and focus more on delivering impactful performance with apt content.


 1/10 Worst experience worst 👎movie 🎥

Waste of time nd money. Typical bollywood no logic only drama and emotions 😁cricket lover’s should watch India Pakistan match on star cricket 🏏theatre mai lockdown jaisi situation😂😂😂

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