Belinda Continues To Party And Poses In Transparencies To Say “Hello 2023”

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Sarah Joseph
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Belinda 3
Belinda 3

Belinda, a 33-year-old Spanish actress and singer who has been in the new year for less than a week, would still be out having fun.

And it is true that Belinda posed in transparency for the Instagram post “welcome 2023” on her official account.

Despite the delay, Belinda’s platform audience of more than 15 million users welcomed the famous person’s article.


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Belinda gave 2023 a tardy welcome.

Nine days after the year 2023 began, Belinda greeted the new year with a collection of images on her official Instagram account.

Nevertheless, Belinda’s publishing was well accepted on the platform, despite the delay in its release.

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The actress was seen posing with a set of polka dots and transparencies in these photos, reminiscing some of the events from the beginning and end of the year.

Belinda bragged about her success in 2023 based on this reel of pictures:

  • with his family
  • opening a bottle
  • yachting
  • Dinners
  • Restaurants
  • Fireworks

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Belinda spent both Christmas and New Year’s with her family and their dogs, but she didn’t go into great detail about her celebrations.
By 2023, Belinda wants to release new music and keep acting.

Belinda hasn’t been active on social media, but she has revealed her 2023 intentions in an interview with “Today” since the end of 2022.

And according to Belinda, he plans to release new music this year as well as continue acting by filming a new series, which he did not elaborate on.

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Regarding her “love” life, even though Belinda introduced the young man named Razel who frequently tags along with her at occasions, the celebrity refused to admit any romance.

Gonzalo Hevia Baillères, the heir of El Palacio de Hierro, has not received any new indications from Belinda that a relationship is imminent.

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