Because of his comments, a well-known Spanish YouTuber has attacked Piqué


The supporters are furious following Gerard Piqué‘s initial words, and even youtuber Dalas Review has joined the Shakira team.

The contentious statements of the Spanish Gerard Piqué about all the hostility and hatred that he has suffered since his infidelity towards one of the world’s most beloved singers, Shakira, were not well greeted by netizens.


Bad Bunny and Shakira team up? The message hinting at a possible  collaboration | Marca


His statements rapidly went viral, prompting millions of social media users to openly share their opinions about what he said, largely criticizing Gerard Piqué of playing “the victim.”


“Last year has passed, my ex-partner is Latin American, that is, you do not know what I get on social networks from people who are fans of her, but thousands of barbarities”


Dalas Review, a well-known YouTuber, weighed in on the debate, revealing himself to be a member of Shakira’s team and commenting on one of the Kosmos businessman’s tweets.


“Why did you come out of nowhere to emphasize that your ex is Latina? Do you think that people from Latin America harass or insult more than people from other countries, or what is the point of emphasizing that g1l1p0llez? Besides that Shakira has fans all over the world. You really sink alone”

Dalas has made some movies about the separation of Gerard Piqué and the interpreter of ” Que me quedes t “, openly praising the Colombian for the Spanish’s criminal deeds.



The bulk of popular opinion is on Shakira’s side, because netizens believe the former soccer player’s choice of words was incorrect, because he is a victim of his acts.

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