Balloon World Cup training for Shakira and her children goes viral on Instagram

At the Balloon World Cup, Shakira and Gerard Piqué had a good time with their kids. After her spouse recorded a video, the singer shared it on Instagram, where it rapidly went viral.

Shakira And Gerard Pique Youngest Son Sasha Is A Real Life Anime

The participation of Shakira in the Balloon World Cup made quite a stir on social media. He decided to surprise his followers this time by filming a video with his gorgeous children as a special treat for them. In a video that has gone viral on Instagram, Gerard Piqué’s family plays training for the sports match. Gerard Piqué is the co-founder of the event. On the other side of the room, Milan and Sasha were squabbling.

“Tonight is World Balloons practise! Here comes the World Cup Balloon! Shakira used her words to describe her Instagram highlight reel. The video has racked up over 3 million views on Instagram as of the time of this writing. More than 2,000 people have commented, and the page has received 269,000 likes.

The Colombian woman can be heard exclaiming, “We began the balloon world!” while she plays with her children.

Ibai Llanos, a streamer, and Gerard Piqué, the competition’s co-creator, captured the amusing scene on video for posterity’s sake. Milan and Sasha are seen enjoying a good time with their parents while chasing a yellow balloon.

This game has so many rules that you are powerless in it,” Shakira said.

While interacting with his young children, he also stated, “I’m going to protest to the World Cup’s worldwide foundation.”

In what way does the Balloon World Cup differ from other sporting events?

Piqué y Llanos is the man behind this competition, which is also known as the Balloon World Cup. A TikTok video of two teenagers competing at home with a balloon to keep it from touching the ground inspired both of them.

Peruvian Francesco de la Cruz won the first Balloon World Cup. In order to compete, the 18-year-old had to miss a lot of classes in Spain.


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