Because of the pandemic, Paulina Rubio says, “I feel like a survivor.”

This year was particularly trying for Paulina Rubio, who was also fighting for custody of her children.

The Mexican artist revealed that COVID 19 made her reassess her life.
The Mexican artist revealed that COVID 19 made her reassess her life.

When it came to the COVID-19 epidemic, Mexican singer Paulina Rubio was deeply affected because she had to undergo treatments. Also, she had to deal with the legal battle for child custody with her ex-husband, Nicolás Vallejo.

The health scare, Paulina said, made her value people more, and she remarked that she was a survivor, according to Who magazine.

As a mother first and foremost, I’m also a singer, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, but above all, I’m a normal, well-known person who’s grown up in the public light.” I put my faith in others a little too much for love. It was their intention to separate me from my children during the epidemic, but the pandemic clarified why I am still here, and I now consider myself lucky to be alive. When she saw how much the world was in need, it made her feel foolish to think that she had problems.

Paulina Rubio revealed that she had received a lot of backlash on social media, but she was able to bounce back thanks to training and sheer force of will.

It was as if someone was attacking me…” observed, assessed, and assessed negatively. It’s demeaning to read a letter in which someone has written hurtful things about you. Let’s imagine that we already have all of this technology, but it also makes your skin tough; calm came from the storm within me; I found my peace and I found it in myself so that I could give it to others; but I had to go through many steps and courses to get here; I am here because of the strength that comes out of me for that love of my children, for that love of the world,” she said.

“Meditation and numerous friends have helped me retain this steadiness, as well as professional support, which you must seek when your cables cross and you require assistance,” she concluded.

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