Shawn Mendes Clears Up The Air Around Rumors About him And Sabrina Carpenter: ”We’re not dating”

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A month ago, Shawn Mendes was spotted being out and about with fellow and famous singer Sabrina Carpenter. That one, little, innocent event sparked dating rumours across the internet.
But the ‘Air’ singer has decided to set the air clear around these romantic fables his fans are weaving.
Shawn Mendes, Sabrina Carpenter, 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
“We are not dating,” said Shawn Mendes, in an interview with a Netherland publication, RTL Boulevard.
He went on to steer this particular March 17 interview away from the gossips about him and Sabrina as he gently reminded the interviewer that “they should focus more about his work with the brand”
Are Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter dating? Here's what we know |  PINKVILLA
He ended the topic with a polite “thank you” but it was apparent that such incessant questions about his co-singer, especially when there’s no truth to them according to Mendes, got to his nerves at some level at least!
Shawn Mendes, Sabrina Carpenter step out together amid dating rumors
The internet has been going crazy over the alleged, budding romance between Shawn and Sabrina ever since they were spotted going on a walk together in February.
And while they do make for a cute couple and it’s certainly a ship we can dream about, it’s not true. At least that’s the narrative we are holding on to for now.

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