Adamari López from cowgirl waddles around and assumes she is unmarried.

Adamari Lopezz
Adamari Lopezz

Adamari López was astonished to discover herself dancing and wriggling her hips while dressed as a “cowgirl,” supposing that rather than believing in love, she should travel and be happy.

Adamari López, the popular Telemundo star, once again gave something to talk about, as she appears to be in the middle of making a tough decision: to continue single and enjoy or believe in love .

Once again, the presenter of Puerto Rican origin, remembered in Mexico for her participation in the famous telenovela “Amigas y Rivales,” has given something to talk about, as she questioned his single status while showing off her slender figure in micro shorts and dancing to the rhythm of “Follow the leader.”

As you may know, Adamari López has been single for several years because her marriage to Luis Fonsi did not work out, and her relationship with Toni Costa, the father of her beautiful daughter, was also not favorable, so the already famous She is unsure whether to believe in love or better to have fun alone.

“Nothing single, know how to choose well and enjoy life to the fullest, with or without a partner, you can believe in love, be happy and travel a lot, for me the couple is a point of support for a relationship”, “Single and traveling” , “How wonderful that she feels happy, young, successful in what she does. May she enjoy her daughter who is still little and may she travel whenever she can”.

Adamari López released a delightful “reel” or short video in which, to the rhythm of that popular song from the year 2000, “Follow the leader,” she asked her fans if it is time to think about love or preferable to remain single and happy.

In the end, the host of the morning show Hoy Da chose to continue dancing, turning on her back and showing off her best hip swaying, rather than choosing to continue traveling and enjoying herself.


Adamari Lopez


It was also brought to light that, after losing weight, Adamari López has been seen wearing tiny ensembles in which she brags about her amazing accomplishment. On this particular occasion, we saw her dressed entirely in pink, with ankle boots, small shorts, and a matching denim blouse.

Thus, the presenter demonstrated that being single has served her well, as it is undeniable that she looks younger than her 51 years of age, because her smile, new figure, and positive attitude just make her appear dazzling and joyful.


adamari lopez


Furthermore, her devoted fans jumped at the chance to assist her in deciding whether to pursue love or remain single, providing a variety of comments in the hopes that the famous would take the time to review her ideas.

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