Selena Gomez unveils her new Rare Beauty products.

Selena Gomez 4
Selena Gomez 4

The latest Selena Gomez items for Rare Beauty are soon to be introduced; you can see them all here. The singer Selena Gómez’s launch of the Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil for her make-up firm Rare Beauty is giving people something to talk about on social media, because the young businesswoman has given herself the duty of advertising them and a date for their debut.

Selena Gomez

There are 8 distinct shades for this new gloss formula, because it will leave a tint on your lips this time, so this time we will tell you about the colors in which this long-awaited and new release of the actress will be accessible for her make-up line.

  1. Hope.
  2. Happy.
  3. Wonder.
  4. Joy.
  5. Honesty.
  6. Serenety.
  7. Delight.
  8. Affection.

Selena Gómez chose names for her new beauty products based on words of affection and positivity, which is exactly the message that the singer wants to express with her makeup company, to make her fans feel included on every occasion.


Selena Gomez


The glosses will be available for purchase in two ways: on Thursday, March 30 on its website, or in the real Sephora shop, which will debut one day before the website.

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