Kimberly Loaiza dazzles as a cowgirl, rides hearts of fans

Kimberly Loaiza
Kimberly Loaiza

Content Creator Kimberly Loaiza Impresses Internet Users With Cowboy Outfit Riding Their Hearts.

The queen of the networks” is what they call Kimberly Loaiza who recently in a post on her Instagram account left all Internet users with their mouths open with a flirtatious cowboy outfit looking truly like a goddess and riding their hearts because she showed off her good figure only as she knows how to do it.

“Mom, I’m doing it”

Touching all the little girls, since the interpreter of ” After 12 ” has been surrounded by the success that is the result of all her hard work, since lately, she has not stopped being focused on her artistic career, first with the 13:13 tour next to her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja, to later surprise with her second clothing collection in collaboration with the clothing brand Shein and still release one of her best songs ” Pa’ so she did “.

Riding the hearts of the more than 35 million followers, the older cutie wore a flirtatious silver outfit consisting of a short top that gave a complete look at her perfect torso, accompanied by sleeves that added volume and, as a good cowgirl, some chaps. , but any but glamorous ones.

This garment would reveal the interior, as it was made up of a headband, full of glitter and with a touch of elegance, Kimberly Loaiza wore her straight and loose dark hair, and on top of her head a hat that fits perfectly in the range of colors of her attire, looking truly beautiful.

The interpreter of ” Don’t be jealous ” is in Miami right now with her family, who had been suffering from the sinful flu in Puerto Rico when they attended the Tu Música Urbano Awards ceremony, since according to her it was because of the changes of temperature that they suffered there, on the other hand, her husband JD Pantoja reported that it was probably Covid.

It is for this reason that the Pantoja Loaiza family had been away from social networks, now, in the Tik Tok account of the older cutie, she can be seen in better health, which allowed her to make the presentation, attending with this incredible outfit looking more than beautiful.

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