Best Christmas Horror Movies: 7 Of The Scariest Movies To Watch This Christmas Eve

If you’re looking for a good chuckle this holiday season, check out one of these seven spine-chilling Christmas horror films.

krampus 2015
krampus 2015

The Christmas Eve meal is coming up like a family cloud, and in it you will debate the big hits of contemporary politics or the monarchy with relatives you have not seen in a long time. Nothing can prepare you for the fear of those hours like revisiting seven classics and watch the best Christmas horror movies that we have added to our updated list. There are some films which, on occasion, may be more horrifying than the Christmas Eve feast. I mean it literally and figuratively.

ATM (2012)

best christmas horror movies

Insufficient poor taste in the movies has left corporate meals and holiday gatherings ripe for fear. This 2012 thriller examined it through the lens of two coworkers who stop at an ATM on their way home after a party.

Stalled (2013)

best christmas horror movies

Do you have the gulf panic? Add up the words “Christmas” and “zombies” and remember the answer. The protagonist of the film Stalled is a hapless maintenance man who, on Christmas Eve, finds himself trapped in a gender-neutral restroom with just a hammer and a padlock for protection.

Saint (2010)

best christmas horror movies

The Dutch are responsible for this gloomier take on Saint Nicholas and his traditions of ghosts, magical horses, and Christmas curses. In this movie, the saint causes havoc in the streets of Holland, leaving a path of blood in his wake.

Do not unveil till the holiday season (1984)

best christmas horror movies

However, the infamous Black Christmas was not the first time the killer used tinsel to terrorise his victims. Edmund Purdom, an actor and director, gave us a narrative set in a London at Christmas time ten years hence that was scarier than any in Dickens or Brexit.

A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

best christmas horror movies

Christmas is not just twin territory, but also a portal through which evil might reenter our world. In this Canadian anthology series, the citizens of Bailey Downs saw everything unfold, and they were understandably terrified.

Toby Frost (1997)

best christmas horror stories

In Michael Cooney’s film, the killer’s soul is transferred to a doll after his death, and the doll then continues the killer’s bloody rampage. Scott MacDonald stars in this updated take on the fabled northern European elf that set the stage for the more family-friendly film starring Michael Keaton the following year.

Elves (2018)

best christmas horror stories

Elven killers linked to the seven deadly sins have been let free. Magnificent idea guarantees success. The bleeding victims struggled to keep their claws in over the holiday season, while the cursed figures wreaked havoc on everything in their path. Catch the spine-chilling trailer for this one!

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