I Wanna Dance With Somebody (2022) Director Kasi Lemmons Refused To Include The Biopic’s “Sweetest Kiss”. Here’s Why.

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During an interview for Whitney Houston’s biopic I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Kasi Lemmons claimed that she “fought” for the inclusion of the singer’s early relationship with childhood friend and former creative director Robyn Crawford.

Nearly constant conjecture existed before to the film’s release as to whether or not it would show the romance between the duo. The film was developed with the support of Houston’s family and estate in addition to music producer Clive Davis. Davis told The Hollywood Reporter that the film will “inform you about her sexuality” during its premiere, and subsequently told Extra that it would “put the record straight” by showing that “they did have a youthful, one-year affair.”

He went on to say that there have been numerous erroneous articles that have “attempted to tie her addiction to being a dissatisfied lesbian or never dated a man before Bobby.”

 I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Lemmons, director of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, recently discussed her experience working with the estate in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, in which she was joined by the film’s actors Naomi Ackie and Nafessa Williams. Because of this, Crawford’s A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston and the memories of others who knew both ladies were used in place of direct contact with Crawford to illustrate the “deep and significant” bond between Houston and Crawford.

Lemmons told the media outlet, “I wanted to, but I did not,” because she was aware of Crawford’s strained relationship with the estate.

“I took precautions because I was dealing with the estate. The needs of the public had to be taken into account.”

Crawford acknowledged her relationship with Houston in her upcoming biography, where she writes,

“She suggested we shouldn’t be physical anymore, because it would make our trip much more difficult.”

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

The film delves deeper than a simple romantic pairing by tracing the two people’s connection as teenagers and their subsequent working collaboration as adults. Before Lemmons came on board, executive producer Stella Meghie, who had also served as the film’s director, had gotten approval from the Houston estate to include the scene.

However, Lemmons claims that the actual kiss was subject to additional discussion. Well, I assumed they locked lips, so I said. She went on to say, “We can really infer that there was a romance there. I think it’s safe to say that we all know there was more than simply friendship at one point.

This is the most delicious kiss. Lemmons said, “It’s like a first kiss, incredibly romantic,” in reference to the film’s eventual inclusion of physical intimacy between the two ladies. That’s why I went to war for it.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody
I Wanna Dance With Somebody’s Lemmons wanted to battle for that moment, but neither Ackie (as Houston) nor Williams (as Crawford) wanted to place a label on what they had on screen.

As Williams explained to the L.A. Times, “someone asked me about labels,” and he felt “uncomfortable answering that question for either of them” because “they didn’t put labels on it.” I truly believe they were meant to be together.

Ackie said, “I think it’s rather funny that we sometimes have the impulse to place labels on everything, even when the individuals who are involved in the connection don’t do it themselves. Like there aren’t any words to describe the depth of the love we have for one another, that’s always been the driving force. Yes, making it was a blast.”

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