This Vietnamese cat is the fish seller that steals everyone’s heart

Be careful, girls! A handsome young man comes to steal their hearts;

Be careful, girls! A handsome young man comes to steal their hearts; It is the most fluffy street vendor in all of Vietnam. His name is Dog and he is a kitten that sells fresh fish. It may sound weird: a cat named Dog ?, and that also sells fish? It could well be something that only happens on television, but it is not like that.

This cute merchant is three years old, and his owner Le Quoc Phong calls him Dog because the pussy cat breathes and acts like a puppy dog. The man says that Dog is a star in the market, people take pictures and his fame is not only local, but in Thailand and China they know him and he is one of the most famous whiskers in Asia.

To make matters worse, Dog is a real heartthrob, has several girlfriends and we can guess the reason: their elegant clothes are definitely irresistible. And he loves to use them! He feels comfortable with them and can move with complete peace of mind.

This kitten is by far the best seller of all, with its appeal could persuade anyone to buy sand in the desert.

Next look who we talk about.

Have you seen a more handsome salesman?

2. Dog is the most elegant merchant of all

Really … that is, look at that attitude.

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