Sexual Robot Will Now Hear Your Problems Crazy Town


The Abyss Creations RealDoll doll line consists of a collection of customized sex robots, adjustable in various poses. Since 1996, the company takes the matter seriously and, this year will be offered customers options such as heated synthetic genitalia, which react to a simple touch.

However, the company still intends to take a step forward in the reality – closer to humans, that is, with discrete imperfections. In April, Harmony was introduced to the public: it is the first example of artificial intelligence capable of having sex.

Following Harmony:
Sexual Robot Will Now Hear Your Problems Crazy Town

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Following, Harmony answers Fan Question:

The software will get updates by the end of 2017, allowing dolls to react to stimuli and answer questions. According to official information, they will also ask about their day and listen to all their problems and engage in some discussion.

Aside from the fact that this is a very Black Mirror, there is still one thing about the Westworld sex robots in this mix. It is pure science fiction walking into the bizarre reality.

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