VIRAL VIDEO: A dog gets moved after discovering how to approach her departed owner’s cemetery.

Many individuals commented on the video, assuring that doggy love is unconditional.

Dog Is Moved After Knowing How To Reach The Grave Of Her Deceased Owner
Dog is moved after discovering how to reach her departed owner's cemetery | Video Capture / TikTok

The touching storey of a dog that discovers her deceased owner’s grave captivated hundreds of people and went viral on the Internet.

Joshua Boyle, 35, recently published a video on social media showing ” Zola “, a pitbull mix with a Rottweiler, in a cemetery near Chester, West Virginia, United States.

Joshua, on the other hand, had no idea that “Zola” would find his mother’s grave, who died in 2017.

The dog is seen trotting across the cemetery in the audio, but when the young guy inquires about his grandmother (that is, his mother), “Zola” rushes to the tombstone where she is buried.

When I inquire where my grandmother is, my puppy always runs right to her grave. “This surely brings tears to my eyes,” she said in a TikTok video.

So far, the video has received 278,000 views on TikTok, as well as hundreds of comments from viewers who were moved to tears and stated that doggie love is unconditional.

Despite the fact that many dogs have lost a member of the human family, their lessons of love and faithfulness never fail to move us.

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