VIDEO GOES VIRAL: Baby nearly traps his mother in the refrigerator

We observe a woman standing right in front of the refrigerator in the first few seconds of the video.

Baby Nearly Traps His Mother In The Refrigerator Instagram
VIDEO GOES VIRAL: Baby nearly traps his mother in the refrigerator (Instagram)

United States of America. Few videos manage to elicit as many chuckles as those starring children in mischief, so it is natural to come across one from time to time with one that goes viral.

In recent days, a video of a baby nearly leaving her mother trapped inside a refrigerator has prompted hundreds to chuckle and has been reposted by multiple users.

Within the first few seconds of the video, we observe a mother standing directly in front of the refrigerator, when her young daughter approaches from behind, pushing the door open.

The woman is partially trapped since if she pushes the door, she will knock down her tiny daughter, who is already screaming, so her only reaction is to chuckle while attempting to get out of this dilemma.

Furthermore, we can read a witty description within the movie that says “Have children they said, it will be enjoyable they said,” creating even more amusement from Internet users.

Many people did not hesitate to express their messages through the comments section, emphasising the small girl’s tremendous courage, who surely managed to shock her mother.

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