A young man records the exact moment a flying mattress strikes him

In addition, we see the enormous storm that is taking place within the first seconds of the footage

Young Man Records The Exact Moment In Which A Flying Mattress Hits Him

A young man records the exact moment a “flying” mattress hits him. TikTok is still causing quite a stir throughout the world, since few programmes manage to show us such a diverse range of videos, leaving us astounded by what we may see.

Millions of users have recently laughed at the misfortune of a tiktoker, to whom something extremely unlikely happened when he was hit by a “flying” mattress.

We can discern a description inside the recording that says, “Do you recall when I was attacked by a flying mattress in a storm in Las Vegas?”

Furthermore, we see the tremendous storm taking place within the opening seconds of the footage, while the young individuals shooting are on top of a hotel.

Due to the strong air current created by the storm, he manages to lift one of the mattresses near the pool, striking the young man filming, who he nearly flew out, but eventually emerges unscathed.

So far, the video has received about 2 million views, over 210 thousand likes, and hundreds of amusing comments from Internet users.


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