VIDEO GOES VIRAL: A man has a pet crocodile that he treats like a puppy.

Man has a pet crocodile and treats it like a puppy
Man has a pet crocodile and treats it like a puppy

United States. Although the majority of people are content with a pet dog or cat, many individuals want to go a step further and obtain a slightly more unusual animal.

Thousands of TikTok fans were stunned recently after witnessing a video of a man with a pet crocodile who behaved like a puppy.

We witness a man reclining in an armchair when a crocodile approaches and eventually snuggles into it within the first few seconds of recording.

Far from being terrified, the recording’s protagonist begins to caress the friendly reptile’s head, which he appears to love because he remains lying down.


Jonathan Temminckii is a tiktoker who uses his profile to show off his other pets, which include a frog, an iguana, and a turtle, among others.

The video of the crocodile with a pooch personality has received more than 5 million views, 600 thousand likes, and hundreds of comments thus far.


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