VIDEO GOES VIRAL: A woman discovers a bizarre animal inside a milk carton

Woman finds a strange animal inside the milk carton
Woman finds a strange animal inside the milk carton

LONDON (Reuters) – Few films elicit the same level of disgust and distrust among Internet users as when a person discovers something nasty in their food.

Millions of people around the world have been appalled by video of a woman finding something quite disgusting in her milk carton in recent days.

Within the first few seconds of the clip, a woman tells us that something unusual is going on with her carton of milk, so she shows us the expiration date, which is February 11 of next year.

“We got this almond milk at the grocery, and when my daughter wanted to make oatmeal, this is what she saw,” the lady says shortly after. It hasn’t reached its expiration date yet. We try to reach out to them for help, but they are unconcerned. This is a major health risk.”

The woman then begins to open the milk carton with scissors, and after it is open, she lets go of it and screams in terror, moving away from him.

Despite her fear, the heroine of the video returns and extracts a type of marine animal from the container, astonished by the circumstance.


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