After getting distracted by the ducks in the pond, a small dog slips into it.

When the pooch discovers the ducks in the water, he promptly changes his course.

Puppy Falls Into A Pond When Distracted By The Ducks In It


RUSSIA: Such videos never fail to bring a grin to our faces, and while they are nearly typically performed by people, dogs are not immune to mishaps.

Thousands of social media users have been found guilty after laughing at an unfortunate puppy who falls in a pond while being walked by its owner.

We can see a puppy on his leash on a walk with his owner, fairly close to a pond with some ducks, in the first seconds of the recording.



When the pooch discovers the ducks in the water, he instantly deviates from his path, not realising that the path has run out, and dives to the ground.

The man laughs as he gets his pet out of the pond, where he suffered no more than a scare and ended up totally soaked.

Thousands of netizens expressed their delight at the puppy’s complete recovery from his fall in the comment section, stating that they couldn’t help but chuckle.


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