Romania Public Holidays 2022, What Are the Public Holidays In 2022 Of Romania?

Romania Public Holiday

Romania Public Holidays 2022 – In 2011, Romania had 51 public holidays; this number has since been reduced, and there are currently just a handful Romania Public Holidays 2022. You can find out what Romanian public holidays are scheduled for 2022 and when in the following table.

Public Holidays in Romania in 2022

Romania is a country located at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. It is bounded on the north by Ukraine, on the south by Bulgaria, on the southwest by Serbia, on the west by Hungary, on the east by Moldova, and on the southeast by the Black Sea. With a population of around 19 million, it enjoys a largely temperate-continental climate. It is Europe’s 12th biggest country and the sixth most populated European Union member state. Bucharest is the capital and largest city, although Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Constanta, Craiova, Brasov, and Galati are all significant metropolitan regions. Discover what the Romanian public holidays are for 2022 by reading the following information, which has been included in the table.

Romanian Public Holidays in the Year 2022

Get the Romania Public Holidays 2022 List, which has been listed below, in the table.

Romania Public Holidays 2022 ListDateDayRomania Public Holidays 20221 JanuarySaturdayNew Year’s Day2 JanuarySundayNew Year Holiday24 JanuaryMondayUnion of the Romanian Principalities22 AprilFridayOrthodox Good Friday24 AprilSundayOrthodox Easter Sunday25 AprilMondayOrthodox Easter Monday1 MaySundayLabor Day1 JuneWednesdayChildren’s Day12 JuneSundayOrthodox Whit Sunday13 JuneMondayOrthodox Whit Monday15 AugustMondayAssumption Day30 NovemberWednesdayFeast of Saint Andrew1 DecemberThursdayGreat Union Day25 DecemberSundayChristmas Day26 DecemberMonday2nd Day of Christmas


Some Of Important Romania Public Holidays In 2022

From the list shown above, there are several significant Romania Public Holidays in 2022. They are the Union of Romanian Principalities, Saint Andrew’s Feast, and the Great Union Day. These are some of the most significant Romanian public holidays scheduled for 2022. Union of the Romanian Principalities is a newly formed national holiday in Romania. The day is also referred to as Unification Day, and some people refer to it as Small Union Day, to differentiate it from National Day, which is also referred to as Great Union Day. The Feast of Saint Andrew is a national holiday in Romania. Saint Andrew was one of Jesus Christ’s first apostles, preaching the gospel in the southern portion of Romania. As a result, they have been dubbed the country’s patron saint. Finally, another significant Romania public holiday in 2022 is Romania’s Great Union Day. It has been observed annually on December 1st to honour Romania’s growth. As a result, these three dates represent the most significant Romanian public holidays in 2022.

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