China Public Holidays 2022, A Comprehensive List Of China’s 2022 Public Holidays

China Public Holiday


China Public Holidays 2022: The new year has begun, and the Chinese state government has announced the 2022 China Public Holidays. Continue reading to learn more about China’s Public Holidays in 2022.

China 2022 Public Holidays

On October 25, 2021, the Chinese State Council issued the official public holiday schedule for 2022. Several are internationally recognised holidays, such as New Year’s Eve or International Labor Day. Even still, the bulk of days remain unknown to anyone except serious China specialists. Examining joyous days may be useful in a variety of ways. To begin, demonstrating an interest in Chinese culture is generally seen positively in private and corporate circles. Second, understanding the dates of all public holidays in China is critical for human resource management. Compensation for work performed on public holidays must be three times the contractually agreed-upon remuneration. Numerous Chinese festivals have varying dates from year to year. It means that both businesses and employees in China should constantly be aware of the current valid dates and plan appropriately. These are the restrictions that apply to Chinese citizens when they receive a public holiday, and they should be compensated.


Public Holidays In China 2022


Date Day Holiday
1 Jan to 3 Jan Sat to Mon New Year Holiday
31 Jan to 6 Feb Mon to Sun Spring Festival
3 Apr to 5 Apr Sun to Tue Ching Ming Festival
30 Apr to 4 May Sat to Wed Labour Day Holiday
3 Jun to 5 Jun Fri to Sun Dragon Boat Festival
10 Sep to 12 Sep Sat to Mon Mid-Autumn Festival
1 Oct to 7 Oct Sat to Fri National Day Holiday

Chinese Holidays 2022

Here is the list of other Chinese holidays in china that have listed below,


Date Holiday
February 15th Lantern Festival
March 8th International Women’s Day
March 20th Spring Equinox
May 4th Youth Day
June 1st Children’s Day
June 21st Summer Solstice
July 1st CPC Founding Day
August 1st Army Day
August 4th Chinese Valentine’s Day
September 10th Teachers’ Day
September 23rd Autumn Equinox
November 11th Single’s Day
December 22nd Winter Solstice


State Council China Public Holidays 2022

The State Council also provides public holidays for specific social groups in China that are listed below,


Date Day Holiday
8 March Tue International Women’s Day
4 May Wed Youth Day
1 June Wed Children’s Day
1 August Mon Army Day


Main Holidays In China

In China, the major holidays include New Year, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival. Officially, these holidays endure one day. However, the length of their vacations varies according to the week in which they fall. During Chinese New Year, it is believed that dragons fly away, displacing evil spirits.

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