The crude images that show life in a legal brothel in Bangladesh

The crude images that show life in a legal brothel in Bangladesh
The crude images that show life in a legal brothel in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh is located the Kandapara brothel, considered one of the oldest and the second largest in the world. There mothers and daughters prostitute themselves. Look at the stunning photos.

In the district of Tangail in Bangladesh, there is the Kandapara brothel, one of the oldest in the world. In this brothel mothers and daughters prostitute themselves between misery and the hope of a better life in an infinite circle that lasts more than 200 years. The neighborhood is considered an economic motorbike in the area since, around it, many food and tea stalls, bazaars and street vendors are formed.

The Kandapara brothel is one of the oldest in the world, since it has more than 200 years of service perpetuated from mothers to daughters, and is also considered the second largest in the world. It should be noted that it is not a dating house or a building, it is a complete neighborhood.

The photographer Sandra Hoyn, and the photojournalist, Adrew Birajha have been continuous visitors of this brothel to make photographic reports and publicize the situation of young women. It is possible that in this country prostitution is legal and many girls start in this world when they are 12 years old. They come from poor families or sold as slaves. Many are daughters of other workers born and raised in Kandapara.

They begin working in exchange for bed, lodging and food for some madame. Their situation is very complicated, since they do not have rights, nor salary and, at best, they receive gift clothes if the day has been good. They can serve between 15 and 25 clients a day, which is a benefit of between $ 11 and $ 22 for the brothel. After 5 years of service, young women are promoted in the social scale of the brothel, receiving a percentage of their earnings and the possibility of choosing their clients.

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