Coronavirus in Argentina today: how many cases are registered as of September 7

A review of the number of current patients, cured and deceased in Argentina; in addition, statistics on vaccination against Covid-19.

Coronavirus In Argentina Today

The coronavirus pandemic has been going on for more than a year, and countries are going through different realities as the vaccination plan in the world advances. On September 7, in Argentina there were no new cases of sickness and no deaths, as detailed by the health authorities.

To date, Argentina accumulates a total of 5,207,695 infected by coronavirus , 112,673 deaths and 4,905,843 recovered patients.

Argentina is in position 8 of the countries with the highest number of infected by coronavirus. The list of the top ten is made up as follows: United States 40,998,405, India 33,095,436, Brazil 20,899,933, United Kingdom 7,056,106, Russia 7,047,880, France 6,854,028, Turkey 6,542,654, Argentina 5,207,695, Iran 5,184,124, Colombia 4,919,773.

Covid 19 vaccination in Argentina to September 7

The vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in Argentina reaches a total of 45,177,464 doses applied as of September 7. Of that number, 28,431,871 people received one dose, while 16,745,593 already have both doses.

If population density is considered, Argentina is ranked 40, with 1,015,349 doses applied. The list is led by Malta with 1,898,999 in second place is the Maldives with 1,803,411 and in third place is Iceland with 1,586,883 inoculated inhabitants.

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