10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali – UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

Here You will find the most popular attractions in Manali and what can you do while visiting the place

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali UPDATED 2021 with Photos
10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali UPDATED 2021 with Photos

Solang valley

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)
Located 13 kilometers from Manali, Solang Valley has nestled away between the Beas Kund and Solang Village. The valley is famous among tourists for its stunning views of snow-capped mountains and magnificent glaciers that attract ski fanatics from all over the world. The beauty of Solang Valley is unparalleled and many people visit the valley every year just to enjoy its pristine, snow-white magnificence. Especially in winter, when the entire place is covered by fluffy, milky white snow, the whole place appears as if it is straight out of a movie. groves of emerald green trees dotting the pure white landscape, clear blue skies, and magnificent mountains as far as the eye can see – Solang is truly at its most splendorous in winters. Visit this breathtaking and marvelous beauty in Manali.

Jogini Falls

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

These 160 feet tall waterfall is one of the landmark attractions in Manali. The beauty of these falls accentuates with the surrounding lush greenery and the tranquility of nature. Travelers love to spend time here listening to the sounds of water and sipping cups of tea and enjoying bowls of Maggi from the nearby restaurants. A trek to this waterfall is as popular as the destination itself. It takes one through beautiful views of orchards, streams, meadows, and peaks of Rohtang. It’s a must visit place in Manali to relax your soul and body.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

This typically charming Himalayan village is amongst the most enthralling places to visit in Manali and, is a holy village famous for its Shikhara style ancient Shiva Temple and the Gaurishankar Temple. These temples are said to date back to the 8th century. Travellers frequent this erstwhile capital of Manali to spend tranquil time in its valleys nestled in snow-capped mountains, meadows, apple orchards, and lush pine forests.

Siyali Mahadev Temple

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

Famous for its intricately carved wooden architecture, this ancient Shiva temple is one of the most popular places to visit in Manali. The rich brown hues of the temple stand out in an amazing contrast against the snow-capped mountains and trees. You will see chalets, 4-level pagodas, carved pillars, and doors inside the temple. There is an ancient Shivalinga situated inside the temple surrounded by beautiful wooden frames. Visit this holy and spiritual spot.

Hampta Pass

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)
Hampta Pass trek is one of the most dramatic crossover treks in India from Kullu to Lahaul. Trekkers are in for striking views, which shift from the lush Kullu landscape on one hand and the barren desert-like vistas of Lahaul. It takes one through beautiful wildflower meadows, glacial lakes, thick alpine forests, gurgling streams, and high peaks. All of this change in scenery can be seen on this trek of 5 days. The maximum altitude that one goes to during the trek is 14,000 ft.


10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

Kullu is a resort town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, located on the banks of the Beas River. It is the capital town of the Kullu district. It is a town through which the famous Beas River flows. It is home to the most beautiful landscapes like the very famous Rohtang Pass, Beas Kund, and Chandrataal Lake. Located at a distance of approximately 500 km from the national capital, Delhi, Kullu is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations and holds an important place among the popular hill stations in India. Its proximity and good road connectivity with major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh make it an ideal weekend getaway for people seeking a sweet escape from the bustle of these cities. The distance between Kullu and the state capital, Shimla is 208 km.

Van Vihar National Park

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

One of the best places to visit in Manali, this park is a beautiful getaway from the busy streets. Even during the daytime, hundreds of sky-high deodar & pine trees canopy the sky and surrounding the place in cool duskiness. You can enjoy long nature walks and see wild beetles and other species of plants. There is a small pond where you can boat amidst the chirping birds and rustling winds. Reach this wonderful park with your family and kids.

Manali Sanctuary

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

No trip to Manali is complete without visiting this sanctuary to see the native mountain, wildlife, and hundreds of varieties of plants & trees. An important part of the protected northwest Himalayan biogeographic zone, you can spot animals & birds like Barking Deer, Flying Fox, Kashmir Flying Squirrel, Himalayan Black Bear, Snow Pigeons, Chakor, Treecreepers, etc. See dense thickets of trees like poplar, willows, horse chestnut, deodars, and thickets of blazing red rhododendrons. This sanctuary is, amongst the landmark places to visit in Manali, it edges on the scenic banks of the Manalsu Nullah with high peaks in the background. This sanctuary is one of the most liked places by tourists in Manali.

Mall Road

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

A visit to this charming market, amongst the most popular places to visit in Manali, tops the charts of almost all travelers. This place, lined up with hundreds of shops, cannot be missed to experience the local flavors, sights, and sounds of the region. There are great guesthouses, cafes & German bakeries, souvenir shops, bookshops, local food outlets, and Tibetan people selling beautiful handmade woolens. There are ample benches to sit and soak in the sights and sounds of the place and looking at the mountains in the background after a day of shopping. Don’t miss the Hong Kong Market, Dragon Shopping Complex, and the Snow Lion Underground Market for some kitschy apparel and jewellery. Shop according to your choices and venture around.

Manali Bazaar

10 BEST Places to Visit in Manali - UPDATED 2021 (with Photos)

This is the pulse of Manali and the best way to see the colours typical of a mountain state. Amongst the most famous tourist places in Manali, this bazaar has hundreds of shops selling local handicrafts, souvenirs, and delicious snacks like dim sums, soups, etc. The Tibetan shops are a must-visit to pick up colourful woolen scarves, socks, stoles, Himalayan salts, oils, etc. You can also pick up intricately carved home decor items, juices, and pickles made from local Himalayan fruits & vegetables. Have fun while shopping.

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