13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Are you ready to bid Costa Rica Buenos Dias? We are certain of it! Every traveler’s bucket list includes a visit to this country of stunning beaches, lush green jungle, and bustling cities. So, if you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime, Costa Rica is waiting for you! It’s a nation that can’t fail to wow, with surfing, zip-lining, and numerous more things to enjoy, not to mention the wonderful wildlife. Furthermore, its citizens are recognized among the happiest on the globe.


13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

The foggy Monteverde Cloud Forest is one of the most peculiar landscapes to behold in Costa Rica, and it is also regarded as one of the world’s most sustainable tourist destinations. With over 2,500 plant species, 400 bird species, and over 100 kinds of animals, including sloths and howler monkeys, it’s no surprise that this forest is a must-see when in Costa Rica.

Take the Sky Walk through the misty jungle and suspension bridges, experience the Sky Trek zip-lining trip, or discover all there is to know about real Costa Rican coffee on our Don Juan Coffee tour.

Tamarindo Beach

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Playa Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica’s greatest surf and party locations, whether you’re an expert or just starting out. This stunning location is well-known for its free-spirited attitude and golden beaches.

You may spend a few days swimming and snorkelling in the nicest areas in town, or you can enjoy the beachy feelings by taking a stroll and watching the waves. Nature enthusiasts may go for a stroll at the adjacent Marino Las Baulas National Park to see turtles.

The Arenal Volcano (La Fortuna)

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Visit the well-known Arenal Volcano, an active stratovolcano with an almost symmetrical structure. This picturesque summit is flanked by pastured green hills and the lovely Lake Arenal, as well as geothermal hot springs with medicinal potential.

Hiking paths surrounding the volcano, canyoneering in Arenal, and a waterfall walk in La Fortuna are all accessible from your Contiki base in adjacent La Fortuna. When you visit mainland Arenal on our trip, you’ll also get the opportunity to discover everything about how chocolate is manufactured.

The Fortuna (for a waterfall hike)

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Even if you’re not a hiker, this is something you should do since it’s one of the greatest things to do in Costa Rica. On Contiki’s Viva Costa Rica vacation, you’ll be able to explore lush, green landscapes and witness stunning waterfalls up up and personal in La Fortuna.

This trek will stay with you as you take in the beauty, listen to nature’s noises, and explore every nook and cranny that the route has to offer.

National Park of Manuel Antonio

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Manuel Antonio is one of the most well-known destinations on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. This location is a national park featuring old rainforests, white sand beaches, clean waterways, and stunning coral reefs.

It’s a popular site for eager adventurers wishing to try out snorkelling, diving, sea-kayaking, mountain biking, and other activities due to its convenient position just outside of San Jose and Quepos. It’s also a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts, since there are squirrel monkeys, sloths, birds, and other interesting things to see.


13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Tortuguero is renowned as the greatest site in Costa Rica to watch turtles, and in 2021 Contiki will begin its own Turtle Trek there. The town in Tortuguero National Park is famed for its rainforest-covered beaches, which serve as breeding grounds for green sea turtles.

Contiki’s new vacation includes visits to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, a boat tour of the Tortuguero Canals, a guided night tour of the Tortuguero Beach and Turtle Breeding Area, and other activities.

The island of Cocos

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

All Jurassic Park fans, unite! The renowned Dinosaur film was inspired by Cocos Island, which is located off the coast of Costa Rica. And the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Island, which also serves as a national park, is just as beautiful in person as it is in the movies.

Because of its amazing features, the deserted island is ideal for nature enthusiasts, particularly if you like scuba diving (think: hammerhead sharks, rays and dolphins). Hiking routes that take you through magnificent lush woodlands will keep those who like to remain on dry ground delighted.

Jaco Beach

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Playa Jaco, another beach town with a lively party vibe, is one of the greatest locations to visit in Costa Rica for a peaceful holiday. With the scenic Jaco Beach and closeness to a natural jungle, adventurous travellers may partake in sports like as surfing, white-water rafting, and ATV trips. On Contiki’s Viva Costa Rica vacation, you’ll be able to stay here and enjoy a taste of paradise.

Volcano Poas

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is home to many volcanoes, and this one is another must-see. What volcano are we talking about? Poas is his name. This active stratovolcano with two calderas and stunning blue sulphur lakes transports you to another dimension.

Get to the observation platforms to take in the majesty of the volcano and the surrounding 14,000 acres of parks, or go for a hike on one of the hiking routes to explore the geothermal terrain. Make sure your camera is well charged, since you won’t want to miss out on these vistas, which are among the top things to do in Costa Rica.


13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica’s biggest, includes tropical rainforest, mangrove swamps, magnificent beaches, and, most of all, a wealth of rare animals. This area is home to wildlife such as the endangered Baird’s tapir, American crocodiles, bull sharks, sloths (which we like), all four Costa Rican monkey species, and cats such as jaguars, pumas, and ocelots.

It’s like going on a tropical adventure! To get the most of this wildlife spectacle, you may try a variety of hiking paths or guided excursions.

The city of San José

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Welcome to the capital of Costa Rica! This is one of the finest sites to visit because of the stark contrast with the lush, immersing environment that surrounds it. All is well, we say.

Visit for art, culture, colonial architecture, exciting nightlife, a vibrant environment, and more. Of course, there will be several chances to engage with the local ‘Ticos’ (men) and ‘Ticas’ (women) (women). While you’re here, visit the famed Gold Museum or local vendors to enjoy some authentic Costa Rican dishes.

Braulio Carrillo National Park

13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

It is a gorgeous, protected national park in Costa Rica with deep, lush woods that will take your breath away as soon as you enter. Braulio Carrillo National Park is home to over 500 bird species and over 150 animal species, including our personal favourite, the howler-monkey, jaguars, and even raccoons, which you may attempt to find on one of the numerous hiking routes available through the canopy levels.


13 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica!

Sarapiqui is a town in north-central Costa Rica recognised for its environmental friendliness and rich soil. You’ll discover a community dedicated to eco-conscious living here, as well as some of the cleanest air around.

Sarapiqui also has a large river for white-water rafting. This one’s for you, adrenaline addicts! The exciting activity is included as an add-on in our Viva Costa Rica tour, but if that’s not your thing, you can just soak up nature and enjoy tranquil moments of calm in this gorgeous location for a day.

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