Oppo will present its first smartphone with a retractable rear camera

Next December 14 will be the official launch of this new Oppo phone that will have a camera that extends or contracts, depending on the case.

This is how the phone that the Chinese company will present in the coming days looks like. Photo: Oppo

The Chinese company Oppo has just published a video that surprised thousands of netizens on social networks, as they show their next high-end smartphone that would have interesting features, one of them would be a retractable rear camera.

“Most pop-up cameras are annoying. But not our self-developed retractable camera! “, The Asian firm wrote on its Twitter account. The publication was accompanied by a clip that exceeded 117,000 views on the platform.

Oppo’s tweet did not provide many details about this device. We do not know the megapixels that the camera will have, nor its components, the only thing they assured us that the equipment will be officially launched on December 14, 2014, when they hold a virtual event called INNO WORLD.

As you can see in the images, the retractable camera developed by Oppo works in a similar way to professional cameras, that is, when a user wants to zoom in on an object, the lens extends or contracts, depending on the case.

According to Unocero, a portal specialized in technology, the next Oppo smartphone would have a special sensor that will detect accidental drops and return the camera to its original position. In this way, the mechanisms of the retractable camera are prevented from suffering any damage in the event of a strong impact.

Let us remember that this Chinese technology already has a presence in Peru. So far this year, this renowned brand has presented several entry-level and mid-range equipment such as the Oppo A54 and Oppo A16.

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