Lenovo ThinkBook Plus: the new laptop would have a tablet inserted into the keyboard

This laptop could be presented by Lenovo at the CES 2022 technology fair. Find out all the details here.

Leaked Lenovo Thinkbook Plus.0
The extra screen would be between 6 to 7 inches, it would be used with a stylus and could be removed to become a tablet. Photo: Evan Blass - Twitter

Lenovo continues to innovate in the laptop market through its ThinkBook line, with which it would attend the CES 2022 technology fair. A few weeks before its launch, a leak has revealed that the brand could present a laptop with a tablet inserted into the keyboard.

The leak comes from the renowned leaker Evan Blass, who from his Twitter account published the first picture of what would become the Plus ThinkBook of Lenovo, the same will be the first technology fair to be held on 5 January 2022.

As detailed by Computer Hoy, this new entry in the ThinkBook line would come with an extra electronic ink screen housed on the right side of the keyboard where we can perform different jobs: such as editing images.

The objective of this extra screen is to offer a panoramic view of what is being worked on the laptop; In addition, it will work with a stylus that will allow the user to retouch images with much more detail to view from the main panel.

Although the leaker has not revealed the technical specifications of the ThinBook Plus, it is possible that the panel that will be inserted into the keyboard is 6 to 7 inches. It could also be removed to become a tablet.

It should be noted that Lenovo has not yet ruled on this leak, so we will be attentive to what technology can say about the ThinkBook Plus in the coming days. Would you buy it?


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