Here is the list of 10 Things which You Shouldn’t be Doing on the First Date

The moment of acquaintance is the foundation of future relationships. One wrong move and the first impression will be hopelessly ruined. 


What should you never do on your first date? Let’s take a look at a few simple things that often derail dating.

So, when meeting a man, you cannot:

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Judged by appearance. Dirty clothes, unpleasant smell, untidy appearance are a clear signal that you have to run. However, if the person looks neat, even if he is not dressed in expensive things, he is worthy of your attention.

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Communicate with formulaic phrases. “Tell me about yourself” is the worst thing you can say to a man when you meet him. Don’t turn a date into an interview. Behave naturally and do not fall into a stupor – this is just a meeting with a man!

Tell everything about yourself at once. Even if you are a very sociable and interesting person, a man only has to find out in the process of further communication. Leave at least some secrets for the next meetings, otherwise there will be nothing to talk about.


Play hard to get. If you want a man to seek you, you need to interest him in something, and not just play the role of Princess Nesmeyana.

To teach. Perhaps a man himself copes well with his life, if he can exist on his own and even go on dates with girls. And he definitely does not need moralizing in communication.

Here is the list of 10 Things which You Shouldn't be Doing on the First Date

To complain. Even if you have a black streak in your life, at the first meeting the interlocutor does not need to know this. You will still have plenty of opportunities to cry on the guy’s shoulder.


To criticize his sense of humor. This quality cannot be changed, and even if the man’s jokes do not make you laugh, he still will not start joking in a different way. It is possible that you just did not understand the direction of his humor yet.

Do not offer to split the bill. This is elementary politeness, and the guy will most likely refuse. However, this way you will let him know that you did not go on a date with him for selfish purposes.

Pressing too hard on him. “When we meet again”, “what will we call our future children”, “what color will our cat be” is a taboo. Don’t force events!

Consider in advance that all is lost. Even if the men you met earlier were all but one goat, it is not at all necessary that the new acquaintance will turn out to be the same.

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