Sweet home: 13 things that happen when you go to live with your boyfriend

Oh, life can be wonderful. You are in love, you feel that you have found the person of your dreams, you decide to form a home by their side and … Wait a moment, you can still improve!

Love is incredible, yes. But the coexistence … Oh, the coexistence. What fear it gives at the beginning! When you move with the person you love, you do it because you firmly believe that you want to spend the rest of your life with them , so adapting to their lifestyle or overcoming the frictions of life as a couple should not be too complicated. And it is that when there is love, everything is much easier … That is why we have compiled some quite common situations through which all relationships pass when they embark on this exciting challenge. Some are pros and others are cons, with what do you stay?

1. What do they put on TV?
The fight for command can be more dangerous than Toni Cantó writing a tweet. The truth is that nowadays not only men like football or women realities , but the offer is so wide that sometimes something as simple as “What they throw on TV?” It may give rise to some small quarrel. And another effect of study in the Fourth Millennium is the suspicious disappearance of the command with the TV set in the channel they want to see. And what do you do? Talk, give or leave the TV and choose a movie that motivates you both. Here are some examples that, maybe, play a little more in your favor.

2. New levels of confidence
At first it is scary but then everything is flowing as something natural. And is that even if you were dating Bradley Cooper, we are all human and we have to deal with those things that are typical of humans : smells in the bathroom, hairs in the shower, socks with a strong whiff … But come on, love everything can, huh?

3. Appreciate staying at home for a weekend
Now you understand the real pleasure of making a home plan with your partner . One afternoon of blanket and movie? Sleeping until very late? Cook together? Yes, yes and yes. And it is not only cheap and comfortable, it is also the most relaxing.

4. Decoration issue
At first you look like the two Koreas: agreeing on decoration issues is impossible! One more litmus test for your relationship. Pastel shades? Soccer and cinema posters? Your mother-in-law’s dinnerware? Going out unscathed from the Ikea will be as difficult as avoiding the spoilers of the new episodes of Game of Thrones , but the truth is that once overcome, you will feel more at home than ever.

5. The bed is the ring
There is more chance that you will discover a baby unicorn under your pillow than to agree with the amount of sheets, blankets or duvet covers that should accompany you in bed. But sharing that space can say very nice things about your relationship .

Many couples decide to buy separate beds for a matter of comfort, which they put together in the most intimate moments, and it is also an option to be taken into account. Because yes, there are also positive points, and that is that you can already enjoy the kamasutra 365 days a year. With its 365 nights .

6. And the space for clothes?
Another point where we suffer a little. Suddenly the space for your things is much smaller: you will leave half of your clothes in your parents’ house, you will distribute another little among your friends and you will begin to live with the basics: two closets and a chest of drawers. He, tender angel, with half a closet has more than enough.

7. Hand out tasks
Deciding what each one should do should appear in a document signed before a notary. It is your particular Treaty of Versailles and you have to settle the points very well. Even if you freed yourself from washing the dishes and doing the baths and your only function was to sit and enjoy the views, in this type of agreements there is always a residue of having agreed badly.

8. You make love much more
And throughout the house. ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

9. You gain some weight
In this sense, programs like Masterchef have united many couples when it comes to cooking. The counterpart is that when you only cook for yourself you opt for quicker meals like salads while when you live with a partner, any normal dinner seems like the end of course Harry Potter feast. And of course, we may gain some weight. Best of all, cooking together can be very sexy .

10. Discover dark secrets
As for example that takes care much more than what he says, that he is given a fatal ironing or that he is hooked on Save Me .

11. You have the feeling that your parents can arrive at any time
This does not fail, the closer you live to your parents, the more likely they are to appear because they simply passed by. In this case, when you look for a house with your boy, you want to get rid of your in-laws, they must be inversely proportional to the love you have for them . As simple as that.

12. Surprisingly, you start saving
If you go from living alone to living as a couple, you will see how your expenses begin to reduce considerably. And is that although you have to buy twice as much, pay half of the bills or dinner at home with your partner as usual, will allow you to make some extra escapaditas.

13. When you get home, you have everything
When you get home and he waits for you and has made you dinner and tells you that he loves you or just listens to how your day has gone, life is prettier than at the end of a Disney movie . You do not need anything else in the world.

If you want to surprise him too, try to prepare a romantic dinner and leave some note with one of these romantic phrases of literature. He will love it!

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