How to Support Your Husband Through a Life Crisis

When they are in trouble, their wives are their strength


It can happen to all of us that, as women, we focus on taking the family forward, raising children if there are any, and being successful in our profession. We are married or in a couple but, after a few years, we trust both the solid marriage or long-standing couple that we have, that we postpone those essential things like being on the same page as our husband .

And there are times when they come into crisis and we forget that they also need that constant support we demand from them when we need it

We must be alert, be receptive of what our spouses need, be aware of their emotional needs .

Your husband needs you to validate his actions and decisions, to support him, listen to him and understand him. Be there so he can overcome, with you, whatever his crisis. Exactly the same as you need it. That’s what the couple is about after all, right?

However, men and women are not equal and if you have a clumsy and maternal attempt to support them, the remedy may be worse than the disease. There is nothing more fragile than the ego of a man in crisis.

Therefore, I leave you some tips so that you can support and support him without feeling denigrated.

1. Always look for opportunities to tell him that you believe in him
When a man goes through a crisis, he may doubt himself, his ability to overcome the challenge he is facing. Even his image of himself, his masculinity or his worth as a man can be affected.

They are alpha males, remember … That’s why you should try to feel that you help him carry the weight, that you are there for him … NOT THAT YOU REMOVE IT FROM THE SHOULDERS AND YOU TAKE CONTROL.

You have to know that you will always accompany him but that you have faith that he can do it only if necessary. You have to feel valued

He has to feel that you know he has enough capacity to face his challenge. Then you will be able to share your concerns with you without fearing the image of the weak man who would never want to introduce you.

2. Alábale in public
If you do, you will feel like the king of kings. You will love to feel your admiration in public. It will feel important in your eyes and those of others. Take advantage of any opportunity when you are with friends and family to highlight something you have done well or what you are doing. Even its strength and mettle to face the most adverse situations. Let him know, through what you say, how much you admire him, how strong he is and how manly he seems to you. For him, what you think is more important than you think and if you share it in public, it will be even more important. A caress to your ego is something very valuable.

3. Give your space, show your confidence
If your husband is struggling with a problem or challenge, you may need extra time to resolve it and pay a little less attention. Give him that margin so he can solve his conflict. You must be there for him but respect his times while solving the crisis in which he is immersed. That does not mean that you distance yourself, but that you leave your space to solve it alone if it is what you need.

Once again, that will tell you that you respect him and believe in his ability.

4. Be very respectful to him
There is a popular saying that women need love in a relationship and men need respect. Well, the respect of his wife is, for them, fundamental. I’m not talking about letting you scream or mistreat, eye, but that you are very respectful with their decisions, do not underestimate them or do them less.

5. Sex, yes … sex
We have already said that, in the face of a crisis, a man may feel that his manhood is at stake, so sexuality is fundamental. Make him feel wanted, loved and admired . Physical contact is not just carnal pleasure, it says many things that can not be communicated with words. Find all the opportunities you can to make him feel powerful sexually, remind him how much you love him and how much you like to have him close.

That will make you feel VERY GOOD.

You are his wife, his partner, the person he shares with him every day, the problems and the joys. Before the children he was, later, when the children grow up, he will be there. He needs you in all aspects of life, just as you expect support and contention from him, he expects from you. It’s not that difficult, just look more closely at what you’re screaming for … but silently. Learn to read your husband. It is one more way to love him.

What do you think?

Written by Geekybar

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years.

For over 7 years in journalism. Half of them are as editor. My weakness is doing mini-investigations on new topics.


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