How to know if a boy likes me?

How to know if a boy likes me
How to know if a boy likes me

• Looks: when you do not lose the opportunity to see yourself, for example: you are in classes or at work and you are exposing an idea and he is staring at you (of course, it’s a good excuse to see you!), When you feel a glance and turn around and he is the one who was seeing you, when he talks to you and he runs away winking at you.

• Look for pretexts to talk to you: when he asks you things that are not important, when he sends you an e-mail, text messages or he looks for a chat just to say hello, let you know something that you obviously already know.

• He treats you differently from others: he pays more attention, supports you in your opinions, smiles at you. Some, on the other hand, bother you and make jokes and tell you nicknames, but always with respect.

• Contact: look for the “disguised” way to touch your arm or your leg or if you are sitting and your leg rubs against yours does not take it away. When he greets you he tries to hug you or gives you a direct kiss on the cheek (usually when one greets, the kiss is on the side, that is, the kiss is in the air, but in this case he will try to give it to you in front of you let his mouth touch your face).

• Talk about you: this is more difficult than we know, but when a guy likes you, he talks about you with others, repeats your name many times.

• Try to get your attention: speak louder, sing, do some exaggerated movement, do funny things so you laugh.

• Does not concentrate: when they are working or studying together, it is hard for them to concentrate on what they are doing, they get nervous or laugh.

• Gifts: she gives you gifts like giving you a chocolate, a small card, a small doll, sometimes they are small but very significant things. The boys love to give away CDs with their favorite songs. Sometimes if you borrow something (a pencil, eraser, etc.) and you give it back he tells you to keep it.

• Feet: If you are sitting and your feet are pointing towards you, it is a sign that you have their attention.

• Coincidences: of “pure chance” you find it in the you tend to go for example: in your favorite cafeteria, outside of your class, etc. If you are at school or at university in the recesses, look for the way to approach you or to be on the same side. In classes try to sit by your side.

• He listens to you: he wants to know more about you: what are your hobbies, where do you like to go out, your favorite food, asks you about your family, your pets, etc.

• Is interested in your activities: offers to accompany you in any activity, sent or to share with you activities such as movies or go shopping; activities that for their own sake I would not do them but just to be with you he makes them happy.

• Piropos: it tells you nice things, for example: that you look pretty or that you like how you have clothes that you wear.

• Jealousy: some will try to make you jealous, he will try to see you talking to another girl but in reality the girl does not care.

• Friends: when he is with friends and you pass or if you are with them, see if they bother him or make jokes, there will always be a friend who can not wait to bother him and give him away in front of you.

I hope these signs will help you identify if a boy is interested, sometimes these signals can vary from one boy to another depending on his personality, but these signs are very common.

When a boy really interests you, try not to tell anyone, unless he is very trusting like your sister or your mom, since often “friends” or “friends” instead of helping you can commit imprudence or Envy or jealousy can interfere and make a bad move.

If you have noticed that the boy you like you also like you do not despair, little by little things will be happening, smile, talk with him, be yourself (but in your best version), avoid talking Much of you, also tries to listen to what he has to tell you.

Do you have any questions or do you want to share more signals with us? Leave me your comment WITH YOUR NAME, all the messages arrive to my mail, once I read them they are published in the blog, so if you do not see it immediately it is not that it was not sent alone is that I have not read and accepted them yet.


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