9 things that your best friend should not do

Here is a list of 9 things that your best friend should not do or you to her
Here is a list of 9 things that your best friend should not do or you to her

Worried about your relationship with your best friend? It is always good to remember what things we should not do and also the things that we should not accept that our friendships do, more when it comes to best friends.


  • Talk to others about you behind your back. Whatever your best friend says about you should be things that can be told to your face, the same in your case, anything you talk about should be things that you can say to your best friend.
  • Post something bad about you on social networks. If there is a problem among you, some anger or misunderstanding, she should tell you, not everyone.
  • Not picking you when you’re the team captain. When she is the captain and she has to choose her team, she should choose you, just like you, no matter how good she or you are in sports.
  • Ask for something borrowed and then forget to return it. While it is true they are very friends or best friends, something borrowed is still borrowed, not given away, there is a difference between lending and giving.
  • Cancel the plans I had made with you to hang out with another person (even if it’s to go out with the gorgeous guy you like).
  • Criticize yourself to feel better. You should never want to make you feel bad, especially if it is for your own benefit.
  • Take away the boy you like, when you saw him first. Or if you have a boyfriend you must respect that he is your boyfriend and vice versa, he does not have to get involved in your relationship.
  • Try to make you feel worse about something you’ve done. Your best friend should try to help you move forward, not stay stuck in the subject, it should make you feel better not worse.
  • Tell your secrets to others. What you say is between you and her ONLY. It’s supposed to be confidential! A secret must be kept between the two of you, if your best friend tells your things and yours, then trust is lost and little by little friendship too.

Remember that you should not do what you would not like to be done, if you want your best friend to behave as such, you should behave like a good friend too.

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