These might be the10 Perfect ways to reconnect with your partner Today!!

Do you want to reconnect with your partner Here we tell how
Do you want to reconnect with your partner Here we tell how

Do not let the routine hurt your relationship, so take note of these little tips to reconnect.

Many times we make the mistake of relating intimacy with sex, when they are very different things. Intimacy is that deepest bond where trust is the basis, where they can speak without fear of judging. And that is something that is built over time. How? With small details, activities together and conversations on specific issues.

And there is no doubt that sexual relations are very important within the couple. However, it is not the only way to connect.

So we give you a list of 10 activities with which you can reconnect with your partner, without having sex.

1. Relive your first date

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Go to the first place you went together, to take a walk, to the cafe where they looked at each other intensely for the first time. Do not let yourself be defeated by the routine.

2. Talk with the light off

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That darkness brings out the best in you. It is the moment where privacy and intimacy is only yours. Try it!

3. Slow dancing

3 Ways to Slow Dance - wikiHow

It is not necessary to go to a meeting or party, you can put a slow song and take it out to dance, while you can whisper nice or exciting things in your ear.

4. Kissing a lot

15 Kissing Techniques for that Heartbeat-Skipping Kiss

Do not skimp on kisses. Kiss each time you want, just like when you were a teenager and you wanted to be stuck to your boy’s mouth, but of course going to a more intense level.

5. Put a puzzle together

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You may think that this activity is boring but the truth is that it works the patience of both. Also, it is entertaining.

6. Listen to a playlist together

Listen to a music together
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They can lie on the floor of the room, in bed look each other in the eye and share some songs they choose together. In addition to romantics it is relaxing.

7. Sleeping embraced

Sleeping embraced
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This is a good idea especially in winter.

8. Practicing yoga

Practicing yoga couple
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With this discipline you can both know each other more, because they will concentrate on looking inside. Practicing this discipline helps union and intimacy.


9 Share secrets

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Share your fears and secrets. You decided that this person is part of your world so you can tell him your deepest thoughts.

10 Breakfast between sheets

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Surprise him with a tray of delicious things for breakfast in bed. Put food that you like or maybe a dinner. The idea is to have a good time. Just be careful with the crumbs.

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