After giving you a thousand opportunities, I say goodbye

No more justifications for your indifference, disinterest and lack of love, I learned that the best thing is to be without you

No more justifications for your indifference
No more justifications for your indifference

When I met you I thought we would be the protagonists of a beautiful love story. I was sure you were that person that is mentioned in novels, books and songs and that we romantically call our soul mate. Now all those thoughts make it hurt to think that after a thousand opportunities, today I decide to say goodbye.

It is said that relationships are a team work where both must put the same amount of effort to make it work, today I realize that only I wanted that union did not go under, I gave you thousands of opportunities so that you would like to stay, however today I decide to say goodbye to you.

And with that farewell the long nights go away in which I thought about the way to improve the coexistence or in that detail that would surprise you and leave in evidence how much I loved you, to see if that way you would open your eyes and do something to that I felt good.
After giving you a thousand opportunities, I say goodbye
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They are left behind saying: “next time it will be better” or “this I will not allow again”. Now it is final, I ran out of justifications, there are no more opportunities, I decided to say goodbye. I will not wait for that message throughout the day, nor will it hurt me to know that you are “online” and you are not able to write a message, a word or even send a face.

I finally realized that you will never be what I once thought you would be: a person capable of giving love and happiness. Someone who would like to share his life with me. Many times I asked myself why I was still by your side ?. Now I understand, to learn to identify the things that I should not tolerate when it comes to talking about love.

I supported to realize until when it is good to insist and / or know the right moment to retire as it should be. I learned to value my dignity, nobody should be above it, I realized that in the end the priority should always be me. Knowing all this was quite painful, you could say that I lost time next to a person who did not deserve it, however this will be rewarding, since I will not allow a similar situation.

After giving thousands of opportunities today I decide to say goodbye, but I retire being a more mature person, responsible for all their actions and surprised of all the love that is able to give even to those who do not deserve it.

After giving you a thousand opportunities, I say goodbye

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I see that toxic and failed relationship as an important part of my personal growth, it came at the right time when I had to learn, mature and grow. That person will always live in my heart, but not as a bad memory, but as the proper being that appeared in my life when the change was necessary.

In a short time it will only be a memory, someone who did not value all the love that I offered him. I will be able to forgive and therefore overcome, but I can assure that in each person who does a contempt or acts with indifference, hurts him or causes him some kind of suffering, my memory will invade his head.

It will be remembered that there was a person who showed him that he loved him, for which he was special and that he did not know how to value. Pride may make me not return to my life, but nostalgia will take over your heart. By then his figure will be something remote in my life and heart, I will be happy surrounded by new people and a being that was able to see and above all value what is inside me.

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