A few things to Keep in Mind when you need to reject a proposal of a friend

What to do and not do when rejecting the proposal of a friend

What to do and not do when rejecting the proposal of a friend
What to do and not do when rejecting the proposal of a friend

In recent years we have been talking a lot about how to conquer and like a boy or girl, but we have talked a little about what we should do when we’re not in love or do not like someone. Today we will specifically talk about how to reject the proposal of a friend or friend that we do not like.

Many girls (or boys) feel confused when a friend they do not feel attracted to is declared, and often they do not know how to reject the proposal of a friend (or a friend), so they usually end up accepting the courtship , they paralyze or say things in a way that ruins friendship.

My first advice, usually one senses when someone likes it or rumors come to you about it, so if you intuit it, do not wait to be declared to have to say no. When you already suspect that you like the other person is where you should act. Give hints that you are friends, how super good you fall, that you never want to lose your friendship, that you are a brother or a sister to you. Let him know he fell in the friedzone.

If you never realized that you liked and you have to reject the proposal of a friend, these are the tips and steps you must follow to reject their proposal and avoid the least possible harm to the relationship, but beware, in any rejection there is chances that their friendship will not be the same, but worse is to accept and that the courtship lasts 2 days or what is worse that lasts years and you are in a relationship for pity.
Tips to reject the proposal of a friend

1. Do not panic, you are not the first or the last person that happens to you, so take it easy, do not be scared, everything will be fine.

2. Do not be rude, be clear but with anesthesia, here is the example, you can use all or a part, what is important is the essence of the message.

“You know that we are very good friends, I fell very well and had a good time and I want things to continue that way. You are like a brother, I appreciate your friendship and I do not want to lose it.

3. After you have rejected it, several things may happen, but the 2 most common ones are either that you accept your answer or that you insist. If you insist, you say: “I ask that we continue being friends, my decision will not change even if you insist.”

3. At this point you should respect your opinion and not insist more, now comes the awkward moment, if you are on the phone or by chat you can end the conversation with the pretext that you are going to do something. If it is in person, you tell him that you should go and talk later.
Other recommendations to reject a friend’s proposal

– Do it in private, not necessarily in a lonely place, but do not do it in front of your friends.

– If you suspect before that you like, do not accept gifts, or appointments.

– Do not scream

– Do not lose your kindness, remember that he is your friend.

– Do not make him believe he has a chance, if after rejecting him for pity you tell him that you are confused, or maybe later on, the only thing you will achieve is to hurt him more, because he will surely ask you to be his girlfriend again and Second rejection is going to take very badly.

– If after you reject it moves away from you, do not feel bad. Nobody can walk or be a boyfriend or girlfriend of someone by force, or guilt. If he or she values ​​your friendship over time it will be the same person as before, if you change and move away it is because that’s the way things had to be.

I hope that these tips to reject the proposal of a friend will be helpful. I send you a hug.

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