7 reasons why a man with a girlfriend noticed you

7 reasons why a man with a girlfriend noticed you
7 reasons why a man with a girlfriend noticed you

Maybe it’s the boyfriend of an acquaintance, a co-worker, an anonymous man or even your brother-in-law, but the certain thing is that that particular person, even knowing that he has a girlfriend, plays too much with you and in the end you think that no, you’re not crazy, you’re attracted to that man and he shows it.

However, what are the reasons why a man who is already busy was fixed on you? Let’s see…

1. Need sex

Although many couples or people try to inspire a certain image of their relationship, the bedroom problems can be there even if they are not perceived.

Or maybe yes, maybe that man who starts the romp and writes furtive messages is desperately needing sex and you have activated, more than any other woman, that need. Looking for love is another story.

2. Felt affinity with you

Many couples, despite some chemistry, have nothing else in common. They like different movies, they have opposite views of life or their personalities are not too compatible.

That is why the fact of finding someone -see through a meeting of friends or during a conversation at work- that shares the same opinions or, simply, understands it, irremediably activates the interest to know something more about that person although not let’s prove it too explicitly.

3. Smell of crisis

Yes, maybe that guy who noticed you, even if he seems single, really has a girlfriend … And they are not going through their best moment.

A discussion, a time of crisis and even “a time” are sufficient reasons for a man to seek new stimuli, whether consciously or not. And you are in your point of view.

4. They were friends and got confused

Your best friend, the one with whom you shared all your confessions, has a girlfriend, and although he says he loves her a lot, surely being with that other person has made him see that he really felt something for you.

Confused relationships between good friends is a thorny issue, because you never get to know if you see yourself as a sister, a friend, or the woman you should always have and not valued enough.

5. You are more attractive and sexy than ever

The human being responds to any stimulus whatever their sentimental situation, we are like that. A sexy young woman, well dressed and with the right perfume exalts the fantasies of anyone, even those who have a girlfriend and would like, for a moment, to conquer you and make love to you.

The world is full of repressed desires, see by social norm, morality or fidelity, but the truth is that the lowest instincts come to light before the slightest detonator.

6. Swinger?

Maybe you do not, but that person does have total freedom to conquer other women even when they are in a couple.

There are more and more liberal couples (or swingers), something that always existed but that hedonism or new couple behaviors in the 21st century have come to turn into something totally feasible and respectable.

In fact, would you prefer an infidelity to a total confession of your intentions? He does not see it that way.

7. Fantasies of you

For once, this boy may not fantasize about you, but you may be the one who, perhaps because of too much vanity or misinterpreted impressions, thinks that your best friend’s boyfriend is trying to conquer you. It may be nice to you and the fact that I insist on serving you several cups of tea, laughing your jokes or inviting you to go with them to the theater are simple gestures of kindness and not those desires that, between the lines, you pretend to see . Yes, sometimes the “fault” is not always theirs.

These 7 reasons why a man with a girlfriend noticed you always start from a stimulus, especially sexual. Something that many men intend to omit yet being too obvious, giving rise to a situation as uncomfortable as exciting, something that depends on their degree of fantasy, how much you like the challenges or the moral perception they have regarding this or other aspects .

Has something like this ever happened to you?

What do you think?

Written by Geekybar

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years.

For over 7 years in journalism. Half of them are as editor. My weakness is doing mini-investigations on new topics.


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