6 Reason Why Long Distance Relationships Mostly Never Work

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5 Tips of beauty that every woman should know

Each couple is different, so each one will take the relationships at a distance in a particular way. However, both members must do their part to make it work

Do long-distance relationships have a future? Many people refuse to keep them, because they entail a series of risks and also a double effort.

However, in this increasingly interconnected and globalized world, this type of relationship is becoming more normal and habitual. Have you ever been immersed in some kind of distance relationship? How did you face it?

Today we are going to discover 6 problems of distance relationships that many couples are not able to endure.

1. Lack of time together

For a relationship to be fully consolidated, it is necessary for the people who make it to spend time together. Only then will they get to know each other for real.

In addition, there is something fundamental that we can not ignore: the importance of physical contact. We are talking about caresses, looks, intimacy … Everything that falls to a couple.

The lack of all this can cause the relationship to cool or nothing to be as before (in the case that the couple has had to distance).

2. The rise of jealousy
Undoubtedly, jealousy will take a big role in relationships at a distance. It is true that there are people much more jealous than others. However, if they often appear with our partner next to us, imagine when you are thousands of kilometers away.

There is a very important part of these relationships that generates the appearance of jealousy: the ignorance of friendships. As we do not spend time together, we do not know who our partner is with, if someone attracts him, how he acts with others …

Also, you may be jealous even because you do not have the opportunity to be with your partner and, on the other hand, other people do. A most complicated situation.

3. The limitations of communication channels
Although we have access to social networks and can be almost always connected, sometimes there are limitations to be in contact with our partner. Matching schedules or even lack of coverage generates stress and doubts about what our loved one is doing at that moment.

Also, we can not forget that we lead different lives. One has his studies and his work, even his own schedule, and that coincides with that of his partner is sometimes complicated.

4. The feeling of guilt
Another big problem that appears in long distance relationships is the feeling of guilt. That belief that you are not doing enough for the relationship, that we are not doing everything on our part to see each other more.

However, planning meetings is sometimes a tedious task. Combine our obligations, make a decently long break … All this generates stress and problems in the couple that lead to arguments and discomfort.

5. Distance generates uncertainty
When our partner is away, the uncertainty about the relationship will cause us many worries about the real situation of the same.

Will it have a happy ending? Will it reach somewhere? Are we both committed equally? These questions are quite frequent in distance relationships.

Sometimes, faced with the prospect of being separated, many people tend not to compromise in case anything ends as they really want. This can generate confusion and the feeling of being on a tightrope.

6. The discomfort of the meeting
Surely it has happened to you on occasion that when you meet a person you did not see long ago the situation becomes somewhat uncomfortable. It does not matter if you have spoken previously.

The lack of physical contact causes that unpleasant feeling that makes us doubt about how to act, especially if it is our partner. This sensation usually lasts little. Although many people reject it, they do not like it and take it as a sign that trust has come out the door.

Do long-distance relationships have a future? Everything depends on the commitment of the couple and also on the situation. It is not the same to separate once you have been with the other person, than to live a relationship from a distance from the start.

Of course, with intention, effort and initiative, everything can be done. But, of course, that’s already two

What do you think?

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