6 phrases that someone tells you when they do not want to continue with you

Sometimes, in the vocabulary, in the behavior or with certain attitudes it is noted that the couple no longer has an interest in the relationship but can not find a way to communicate it

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01 things never do after breakup 527894126 ferrantraite

Communication in a relationship is essential to make it healthy and, above all, to have some future projection. But sometimes, it becomes difficult, and in the worst cases, it can be broken. The problems between you are not the only cause of communication; not flowing-it is normal to have disagreements-because it can also happen that some of you lose interest. The relationships that have been extended, which take several years, maybe missing the spark and when that happens, there are two ways to continue: talk and try to solve it or, if you can not, you will have to put an end to the relationship. This reality is quite hard to communicate, so from Collective Culture, they propose a series of phrases that can make you think that there is no longer any interest in what you follow.

1. Can we see each other another day?
The plans are not as usual as before. The other person can never stay or, in reality, does not want to. Find excuses or other new reasons make you focus on other issues. It is possible that you have finished the desire to share time with you. If it is a constant attitude and a repetitive phrase maybe you could ask him to talk about the topic so as not to continue forcing something that does not work.

2. I do not have to give you explanations about anything
First of all, everyone has their privacy and to be continuously asking where they have been, with whom or what they are doing, is a toxic attitude. Even so, these types of phrases appear when you ask him about his day or what he has done (standard questions within a relationship), and his response is unpleasant or with a bad attitude. It may be that he is a reaction to share this information with you because he does not have the same interest in having a conversation.

3. If you do not like it, you know where the door is
Sometimes in fights, especially when they are constant, and you are hot, this type of comments appear that are quite hurtful. If your partner repeats these words very regularly, it is possible that he is sending you a message that he is not able to communicate calmly and in a relaxed way. This can happen because of fear or inability to establish a dialogue. It is preferable to be DirectX and not throw these hurtful comments.

4. You are exaggerating
When you approach the person to express your worries about what happens in the relationship, they often repeat that your thoughts or what you feel are “exaggerated.” This shows that maybe you are not giving value to what you have to say about the relationship or no longer have an interest in listening to what you want to express.

5. At first, everything was better
Compare the current relationship with how it was at the beginning or at the time you met. It always emphasizes that in the past everything went better or was easier. It seems that the understanding is no longer the same or cannot communicate that the relationship, as it is now, no longer works in the same way or is not as he or she wants

6. Before meeting you.

In some conversations, besides having a relaxed attitude, usually, remember everything I did before I knew: I had more free time, which was more with his group images, who had other more exciting plans … All this seems to it was better . Instead of repeating these types of phrases, which are also painful, you should communicate that you no longer have an interest in continuing as you do now.

All these situations describe difficult moments of a couple and, in any case, you should look for a way to go straight to the point and have a frank conversation, however difficult it may seem. Also, asking is always better than taking it for granted. None of these phrases means “it’s over,” it’s still best to ask and draw your conclusions.

What do you think?

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