5 compelling reasons why a person moves away from someone they love, the 3 worrisome

Relation ship issues
Relation ship issues

These are the 5 main reasons why a “solid” couple decides to end their relationship, the 3 is worrisome.

Love can sometimes be more complicated than it should be, it can be fragile and break one day, it can come to an end when you least expect it, the only way to keep it is to take care of it and put everything on our side, although sometimes that’s not enough.

It is very likely that you have read on the internet that when there is love a person never moves away from someone he loves, but the reality is that a person, however enamored that is, is able to get away from the person he loves, and you are There are five compelling reasons why he does it. If you are experiencing a similar situation and you have many questions, one of the reasons for distancing yourself from your partner may be on this list.



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That is not always true, what happens is that with the passage of time the love is fading and is running out. The distance is a disease without a cure, unless it is a temporary trip, the chances are that little by little the desire to fight will vanish because you suffer a lot to be away from that person, and as a last resort you prefer to go and take all your memories to avoid more suffering to the beloved person.


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In love, not everything is happiness, you want or you will not always end up with an imperfect person because we are all human, but if you feel that you are with a person who is too imperfect because they fight all the time maybe it is not the right one for you, well they say that when love squeezes is because it’s not your size. This is a powerful reason why, even when very much in love, a person is able to leave their partner.


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