12 things that nobody tells you but that you should know about a relationship

6 tips to maintain a long distance relationship
6 tips to maintain a long distance relationship

We know that no girl is born knowing all about love. What he knows about courtship is thanks to practice. For that reason, here we show you 12 things that nobody tells you and you should know about a relationship .

Truths you have to know

1.- Sometimes you will have to do things that you do not like, like going out with your friends . Maybe you will not always be in the mood, but it will touch you , from time to time, take a drink while listening to conversations about how the country is going or who will win the World Cup. But do not worry, after that he will have to sit down with your best friends and listen to fashion issues.

2 .- It is possible that you spend all the time with someone for many years without getting tired of that person and loving each day more.

3.- Probably your partner will not be the person with whom you thought you would end up . Because it is possible that things have not worked, previously, with someone you considered “the perfect man”.

4.- It is not bad to be the first person to say “I love you” in a good relationship. Does it seem scary? But when they tell you back you will know they are in tune. So do not think that if it’s you who says it first, it means that you love him more than him.

5.- It is possible that your friends, who have always had a boyfriend and told you that you would be the single , may react negatively in relation to your relationship . Your best friend may feel threatened because for the first time you are approaching a person more and more.

6.- Both bad habits will be copied , but they can also cure them. Positive influences are a great benefit in a relationship .

7.- You will not feel a more complete person . Everything is almost the same, except that you already have a relationship .

8.- Your strongest fights will probably be about the dumbest things.

9 .- Nobody will care how they met, so do not tell long stories about the funny or crazy coincidences that happened at the time of meeting .

10.- Everyone will try to give you loving advice . The vast majority of these will be terrible and will be 100% influenced by their way of seeing things. Trust your instincts and not what other people tell you.

11.- You can have and need time . People who fall into codependence are those who need emotional support.

12.- It is possible that I buy you horrible things, but you will like them just because he gave them to you .

The relationships of couples usually begins with a story romantic because it starts with infatuation and attraction. After this time, the coexistence , coincidence and compatibility will make love mature and strengthen the bond. What other points do you think we should know about a courtship?

What do you think?

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